The 2013 Pirate Kit Order Thread (Take 2)



  • Hell no, I'm shy at the best of times, let alone being up on a stage!  I'd want to see the potential mentors up there showcasing their talents!

  • Schmunkee, can I have a monaco and shorts please? Do you know roughly when you'll be placing this next order?

  • Schmunkee,

    Can I be put down for a Cycle top and a Monaco please.


  • Last longish run today not long now, leave on Sun for long drive to Nice. That's when the butterflies take over and I wish I had done more training and eaten less chocolateimage 

  • Good Luck and have a great time.

    Kit question:- do the arm warmers come in different sizes?

  • Hey Charlotte, good luck with IM Nice. Look forward to seeing your race report image

  • Yes very best of luck for Nice

  • Best of luck Charlotte. Let us know what the events like for us going for the 1st time in 2014.

  • Schmunkee, can I order a Monaco please image

    also if anyone wants to mentor me they are more than welcome image

  • Hi could I have my name put down for cycle top and monaco pleaseimage

  • Can I order a summer buff please it will keep my hair in control it has a mind of it,s own. Not a good look at the end of a race ( scary ) 


  • To all the new posters .. not sure if you have read the first page or not but please be mindful that none of this kit gets ordered until we have reached minimum orders (roughly 15-18 each item)
    The like of the Buffs and bottles and what have you are usually generated in a different thread so keep a look out for threads and keep popping back in here for updates on orders


  • Hi thereimage by 'end of the season' do you guys mean about November ish? 

  • Hannah,

    Yes, the main annual order usually gets collated from around late September and placed in October, then takes 5-6 weeks to be produced, shipped to UK and onward mailed by us.  Overall about 10-12 weeks.

    Even if we started collating an order now it wouldnt arrive for this tri-season.

    Sometimes if items reach the minimum order and people are keep for that to go off we have placed specific item orders.

    Current order request spreadsheet needs updating to reflect the recent requests, we'll update this over the next week so you can all see where we are.  I anticipate we'll start confirming orders/collecting monies late September.

    Anyone who's ordered kit, please keep an eye on this thread and your email inbox from the end of September.

  • Thanks BBimage 

    As long as you can send to a forces address and I can pay online or with a bank transfer, I would like to request tri shorts and a monaco please.

    Thank youuuu

    Hannah - or Bruja. Hmmm, have to get used to that!

  • Hi there, could I please order 2 cycle tops, 1 gillet and some arm warmers. Many thanks

  • Forgot that when I was in Berlin last weekend I found some ace socks.

    Just found them online image

  • Hey schmunks

    Can you add me to your spreadsheet for 2 bike jerseys and a gillet please image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    just wondering about a gilet - when would I want to wear it? Is it something you would put ontop of a cycle top? Might be just what I need without me knowing it!

  • mathschick wrote (see)

    just wondering about a gilet - when would I want to wear it? !

    In this country? Pretty much every day   image
  • Not sure how this works

    Can I get a cycling top and a Monaco please.

  • The clues are all on the first page Binmanimage

  • Lovely ladies: 

    I'm selling a pair of  ladies medium pirate tri shorts. I've worn them once for a sprint tri, and I bought them second hand and they had only been worn a couple of times.

    They are a little too small for me. I'm a size 12 but stupidly tall (5ft 11) and they are a bit low on my midrift (and trust me no one wants to see that!) so I would expect them to fit most ladies size 10/12. 

    Please PM me if you are interested and want the price and a photo emailed to you. I'm based in London and Berkshire at the moment, or can post out. 

  • Mmmm... I think I might like a cycling top Schmunks! 

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Lucy I am guessing you are somewhere near me then! Might see you at Woodhall spa as I am doing it too - I will be in pirate kit so if you see me come and say hello

    schmucnks - can you put me down for gillet as well please?


  • Is the Pirate artwork available anywhere? I've forgotten to order hoodies / t-shorts etc. Might try to get something sorted locally,

    Also, anyone know the link to the site we order the actual hoodies from?


  • 'Tis here Matt:

    Best of luck for Outlaw fella. image

  • Cheers Pudge image

  • is this the link that people use to acquire general stuff - not race wear?

    i assume the quality is pretty good??

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