The 2013 Pirate Kit Order Thread (Take 2)



  • Not sectioned? Are we still talking about kit? 

  • My Monaco pocket is not sectioned? Has Meldy been given a special top, that's not fair, she's getting special kit. I want it. 

  • I thought the monaco pocket was sectioned ?

  • Mine isn't. Cycle top is, gillet is, cycle jacket is, you should be

  • How vey rude   image

  • Have just checked LG website and the womens tank does not appear to have a back pocket, sectioned or otherwise 

    Can't do links on phone but am looking at Women's Performance Delano Tank

  • pocket? well I have never used the pocket on my monaco, I have on the cycling top. I guess for shorter tris there is no need to use the pocket, and for longer ones I might want to swap tops anyway, and I would never be organised in terms of having a pile of stuff to put in my pocket before getting on my bike after the swim, I would just forget to do it. 

  • Schmunks.. could you add me in for a gillet please.  I think size large, althoguh all my confides kit (from 2008 I guess) is medium.  Cheers....

  • Hi Schmunks, could I please amend my order slightly.  

    I'd like to order a gilet, instead of a cycling jacket, please.

    Thank you.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Does the gillet have a pocket at the back? image

  • Am I in the right section? 

  • Yes Mouse, or to be precise, three sectioned pockets like the cycle jersey

  • I'd like to order a ladies tri tank - which model -elite or performance of LG do you order ? Trying to work out sizes.



  • Are cycling tops unisex ? Thanks. Reading the pocket debate may need cycle top with pockets for my packed lunch then tank for the jog at the end


  • Hi Red Stripe - I see you have a low post count, so by way of introducing yourself to PSOF it would be great to know a little about you, your Tri ambitions, and what attracted you to the yellow and black (as mentioned on the first page of this thread)  image

  • Hi Schmunks - please can I add a monaco and cycle jacket to my order, thanks muchloads...5panker.

  • Hi Schmunks, I'd like to take up the yellow and black, and order a monaco and a bike top if I could please.

    Me?  My aim is to complete an Outlaw, target date 2015 for a solo.  (I'm in a team for next year's - running bit).  This year has mostly been putting some pieces in place so that I could make a judgement about training for Outlaw, together with meeting a couple of modest personal tri and running goals I wanted to achieve during my 50th year. 

  • Hi Pop-Up Fairy,

    as suggested I have added an intro as a new thread - I'm new to forums so not sure if this is the etiquette or not ! 

    Hope it gets a few reads and comments. I've been a watcher rather than a poster but have been amused my nights reading the forum. More of a twitter user but I'm sure that can be balanced up

    when are you sending the kit order off ?



  • Hi Schmunks can you pop Toucs down for a large tri suit ?

  • Red Stripe, go to the first page. Should tell you all you need to know!

    Schmunkee my lovely, can you pop a Monaco on my list please. Thanking you image

  • Happychap, Just seen your request above.  I sent a Large Tri suit to Gaz this week, but it came back today as it was too small in the legs.  PM me your details and I'll put it in the post to you (or Toucs) and you can try it on to see if it fits etc.. It's NWOT as I've only ever tried it on.  I got it from Barley a couple of years ago and it's never been worn 'in anger'.  I'm sure we can sort out a price if you want it!

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm new to tri and would love to become a pirate.  I have competed in a couple of sprint distance events and have another one in September which will be the first one that I have felt fully prepared for.  I turn 30 next year and my A race is Iron Man Copenhagen.  I'm well on my way to full fitness for this, although my swim certainly needs work.

  • PS you have mail image

  • Schmucks list Fairy - please put me down for a Large Girls tank and a small cycle top.

    Hope to meet many Piarates at Henley.

    image Cheers

  • RS - will PM you re borrowing girls tank for Henley 

  • Siggy


    if Toucs doesn't want the trisuit, I do, I have one but it is old and knackered (like me) and needs replacing


  • Ok SA!  I'll drop it off at the address HC has given me as it seems he's only a few miles away!  If it doesn't fit or whatever, I'll send it up to you!

  • Hi please could you put me down for a Monaco , do you need sizes yet ? Thank your doing a great job 

  • Spreadsheet has been updated to reflect recent changes

    Cycle Tops - 25*
    Cycle Jackets - 6
    Gilets- 18*
    Monacos - 32*
    Tri-shorts - 19*
    Tri-suits - 2
    Girls Tank - 14*
    Arm Warmers - 10**
    Leg Warmers - 1
    Racer caps - 2

    * - enough for an order

    ** - could be ordered with a little more interest

  • Thanks Schmunks - email sent.

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