The 2013 Pirate Kit Order Thread (Take 2)



  • I assume my Monaco etc is still on there I ordered, just let me know when you want cash schmunks and il send it!

  • Hey Schmunks - can I change my cycle top to a monaco please? Size M.  And M for the Girls tank too please.   I dont want to touch your excel sheet or mess up any lists image

  • Whizkid -  don't make assumptions. It's up to you to check your order image

    Suck - the spreadsheet is password protected to prevent any damage being done

    All - those of you who have given me an email address should have received an email from me. Please take the time to read it and action if necessary 

  • Many thanks for adding me to the spreadsheet, looking forward to having something "eye catching" to race in next year.


  • Z-O - please read your PM. I cannot progress your order unless you do. Cheers 

  • I am indeed on the list, my name on the list is jamie tardi by the way so we don't get confused!

  • Best put a few quid aside sept and oct.  Will get cash to you early Oct.  thanks schmunks

  • I love the list fairy. She's brilliant.


  • Hi Schmunks

    Can you put me down for a cycle top please,


  • Hi Schmunks, I am down as Toasty, you probably know but just wanted clarify image

  • Blisters wrote (see)

    I love the list fairy. She's brilliant.



  • image dont encourage her

  • Ok e-mail sent when do you expect to require payment?  Cheers


  • Z-O - late Sep/early Oct

  • Spreadsheet has been updated to reflect recent changes

    Cycle Tops - 26*
    Cycle Jackets - 6
    Gilets- 18*
    Monacos - 31*
    Tri-shorts - 18*
    Tri-suits - 2
    Girls Tank - 13**
    Arm Warmers - 10**
    Leg Warmers - 1
    Racer caps - 1

    * - enough for an order

    ** - could be ordered with a little more interest

  • Hi,

    I have just entered my first IM the Wimbleball 2014, I would like to do it in the pirate colours if possible. could you put me down for Tri Shorts, Monaco, Cycle Top and cap. 


  • Hi Cawts .. welcome to the darkside, tell us a bit about yourself??!!

    Have you read the first few pages of this thread? generally that lets you know how things work and then you just jump into a thread that takes your fancy image

  • Hi, I am 46, have done a 10k race and a sprint duathlon recently and wanted to complete an ironman before i hit the big 50. I have entered Wimbleball 2014 and was aiming for IM Wales 2015.

    I checked the beginning of the thread, the sizing file keeps coming up with error 404.

    According to the LG size chart I would be a medium, does that mean I need to order large?

  • Cawts - it's highly unlikely that the racer caps will be ordered. We do Headsweats (caps and visors) so you may want to nip into that thread and have a look there image

  • ok, no worries, forget about the cap. image

  • I guess this is a good place to introduce myself.

    I'm based in Worcestershire, aged 41 and in the past 2 years I've gone from 18.5 stone down to 15. I've got a way to go yet but my goal for thr weight loss was to do either a tri or a half marathon within 2 years which I managed at the city of Birmingham triathlon this year. 

    I'm doing an Olympic in Chichester at the end of September and am signed up for Wimbleball and Bolton next year as well as the Lichfield Half Marathon in May.

    My real name is Neil and my day job is as an integration consultant, I'm a geek essentially image

    To that end can I order tri shorts, cycling top, Monaco and cycle jacket.  All size medium I think from the size guide.

    Can send money whenever you want it.




  • Could you please book me in for a new large monaco please Schmunks, and although it'll never hit its target number at the current rate of uptake, a large tri suit.

    If Admiral Rosie is going to be in attendance at Copenhagen I need to be passing kit inspection image .

  • Hi Schmunkee

    I'm happy to go for 2 pairs of arm warmers rather than just the single pair currently on order if that will help matters image

    Thanks for all your hard work

  • Excellent, another Worcestershire Pirate image

  • Common and bleedin' muck  image

  • might be a silly question

    and i have not looked at this thread fully

    but are there any pics of the stuff that can be ordered

    thanks ( but ready for abuse )

  • I think it is yellow...

  • There are some pics in 220 Triathlon this month. In the bit about the outlaw.

  • crooky -  I think this question has already been asked within this thread so....

    1) links to the kit are provided somewhere within this thread,

    2) I *think*the kit item number is on the spreadsheet,

    3) have a look at some people's avatars and

    4) have a look on the PSOF websitr

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