The 2013 Pirate Kit Order Thread (Take 2)



  • crooky -  funnily enough, links to kit samples are on the first page!  :- 

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  • Please would someone be able to put me down for a Monaco and men's tri shorts. Away from home and doing this on an iPad and I don't want to mess up the spreadsheet. 

    If someone would be kind enough to do this for me I am sure I can buy them some beers if we meet up at an event in the future!

    many thanks


    aka Tattooedwelshman

  • TWM. Schmunks will be along at some point as she is the custodian of the list and will add you on mate.

  • Ok can you put me down for a Monaco 

    I presume I will be contacted about payment and what size


  • Tycho: I'm from Gloucester. You are bigger built than me, and I appreciate your vanishing aspirations, but the LG kit does come out on the tight side. I'm 6'0" and 75kg or 11st 10lb. My cycling Monaco is a Large, and it fits where it touches.

    If there's a chance of a meet up, you can try out my kit, but I'll be wearing it in anger in 10 days time!

  • Thanks, I went by the size guide but was wondering with people saying it comes small. I change it to large. I am occasionally in Gloucester with swimming galas, I'll drop you a line when I'm down there next.


  • Schmunks, Can you chage my request to Large please. 



  • Schmucks - did you see my email changing to a Monaco medium ( instead of girls tank) and upping cycle top from small to medium.

    Swim hat fits perfectly with my curly mop image  


  • Sorry another silly question

    what if I order a top and its too small 

    can it be changed for a different size

  • Please can I order a large Monaco and pair of mens tri shorts please. I don't want to mess up the list as using this stupid ipad.

    Im also thinking of a pair of arm warmers but need to measure and decide for definite.

  • Crooky the only option for change once purchased is to swap with someone else, this is bespoke kit ... not off the peg image

  • What the Witch says.... the kit is made to order which is why you need to get your sizing spot on. 

    Maybe try some kit on if you know anyone in your area?

  • ok cheers

    can anybody lend me a xl monaco or xxl monaco just to try

    i will send back straight away

    here's being hopefull


  • crooky - you may be better off starting a new thread for a kit lend as it may be more visible than getting lost in amongst this one.  image

    And don't forget to say 'please' image

  • Many moons ago I did start a kit swap thread .... it might be worth resurrecting that one

  • I tried to hunt it out months ago but couldn't fnd it.

    I wondered if it had been cazzed because people were also selling on there, so I recently went to RW Towers and asked them if they had an issue with such a thread starting again.

    I wrote to them 3 times and heard nothing, so gave it up as a bad job

  • And I can get the first page of the threads you have started, but when I go to the second one it takes me to my profile image

  • I'm not sure i'll fare any better .... and while I have your attention, you owe me an email to your advantage   image

  • Work, Home, or Kit?

  • Can I please order: 

    Monaco, Gilet, Cycle Top, Cycle Jacket, Cap and arm warmers in M.

    Thanks, BB

  • Hi, do we have an update for the list? I am going on holiday for two weeks in a weeks time and dont want to miss out on getting my order in. Tri Shorts, Monaco and Cycle Top in Medium.



  • I can't get to the size guide on page 1 of the thread - it comes up with an error 404 message. What's the name of the tri top i need to google to find another size guide?

    Schmunks, Are you ordering just the men's monaco i.e. are they unisex or are you ordering the ladies too? The email i sent with my order request might need to change if it's the mens (unisex) version image

  • Can I please order a girls tank top


  • Cawts wrote (see)

    Hi, Ghostess, here is a size guide for you.


    Cheers Cawts.


  • Ghostess ..Likely the men's Monaco, we'll never reach minimum order for a ladies one

  • Thanks  M...eldy


  • I wonder how far off for a girls tank we are? I thought it was up to 13/4 at one point?

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