The 2013 Pirate Kit Order Thread (Take 2)



  • Can't believe my e-mails made your life easier at all Schmunks, but I'll take your word for it image !  Thanks again

  • Thanks Smunks see my e mail regarding a jacket if required

  • Thanks Schmunks - emailed you sizes image

  • just found out i've got my place in Tenby so I'd love to make sure I'm on the order list. Wimbleball and Tenby next year. Excited image

  • Hi thereimage I would like to confirm that mine is a size extra small (xs) Gillet...please someone correct me if it is NOT men's sizing on the gillet and I should just be a small (size 8 but sometimes a 6).

    Aaaaanndd...if there are still swim caps please could I have one with the Gillet.

    Thanks! H

  • Hannah - fairly sure its men's sizes only on the Gillet, so your assumption is right. Have you replied directly to Schmunks latest email as well? I know she is highly efficient, but posts can get lost amongst the crowd in here sometimes image

  • Thanks Rafiki, I'll do that now. H

  • Smunks if its not to late i have decided to take your advice can you put me down for a medium jacket please

  • how do i email schmunks? I can't send her a dm image


  • Wabby - if you were on the original order list she emailed everyone with deadlines etc image

  • Oh poo image

  • looks like i'll have to wait another year then image 


  • Hi new to all this but would like a vest to race in. Happy to go with the majority style. UK ladies Medium please. Email [email protected]

    Is there anything else I need to do? Thanks


  • Right who hasn't sent their size in for arm thingies and who needs a slap

  • It's looking like 7 people will be struck off the kit order and that is putting Ladies Tanks and Arm Warmers at risk if people subsequently don't pay.

    It is a little touch and go on those two items image

  • I've tried to chivvy folk on fb threads to get back to you Schmunks - i know you're not chasing folk, quite rightly, but hopefully folk might read it and get back to you today image


  • Give Schmunks your sizes or I'm coming to get you....................



  • Yes - get sorted please peeps - I'm on the list for both of those!!!

    Sorry but I neither fakebook nor twit so can't help there but I can look very fierce to back up Nursey's needle if that helps image image

  • I need to order please

    Mens Large  Tri Top and Tri Shorts



  • Payment made. Thanks very much Schmunkeeimage

  • Also paid!image Thank you

  • Paid.

  • Can anybody tell me please is it to late to order kit for 2014 season? Would love to race in pirate gear IM France.
  • *if* it is too late and I suspect if you have not had corespodence with the Kit Fairy then we will sort you out something for you for Nice

  • Paid up - last time I got this excited by clothes was buying my first pair of dungarees in 1978!!!! (they were blue though, and still get used!)

  • my stupid online banking stupid company won't let me stupid set up a stupid new stupid payment to a new stupid contact, how stupidly stupid is that?

    And their stupid telephone stupid banking service is stupid "experiencing higher than normal levels of call this morning and thank me for my patience"...stupid off!

    I'm going down to their stupid office and speak to a stupid person and get this stupid sorted this stupid morning!

    [please replace the word stupid with a swear word of your choice]

  • Payment made.  Thanks Schmunks.

  • All paid

  • timebikes wrote (see)
    Can anybody tell me please is it to late to order kit for 2014 season? Would love to race in pirate gear IM France.

    I had to withdraw 2 weeks ago due to sizing problems but I am still on the kit list and down for Large Tri top and shorts. If it is not to much hassle for Schmunks to swap our names you could pay for my order and get kit this time.

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