HIIT training during injury

Hi, I am training for my third marathon in April and currently suffering from shin splints and IT band syndrome so havent been able to run. Have cross-trained but 12 weeks now till marathon and that is my absolute minimum training time. i am starting to run again (gingerly) on very easy, gentle off-road runs but unable to do any speed work at the moment. I was wondering whether to do some HIIT training on elliptical trainer or spin bike to replace interval training sessions nd whether these would be beneficial as an alternative whilst injured. Do any of you vet marathoners out there have any experience of this. Unfortunately the IT band and shin problems are extremely stubborn and getting me down, i need some hope! 






  • Hi Amy. I had lots of injuries last year whilst training for the Edinburgh Marathon and had to replace most of my runs with HIIT training on a spin bike.

    It wasn't ideal but it certainly increased my fitness and I managed to complete the marathon.

    I'd give it a go if I was you. At the very least it'll cheer you up because you'll be doing something.

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