Tuesday 22nd January 2013


Lyrics - Walking 'round the room singing stormy weather

Good to see you NZC. Yes, it's VLM I'm training for now.

We need some other old hands to return - haven't heard anything of Stickless for a very long time, AF made his brief reappearance - come on guys, let us know how you are.

I have never skied on snow either. Learnt to ski on the Army's dry ski slope at Woolwich and water skied when I was younger but never snow skied - I did meet a man skiing whilst I was out running yesterday.

What:                  swim set
Why:                   tired
Last hard:           last year
Last rest:            15/1

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • Morning!

    Yesterday's lyrics: "i've got my love to keep me warm," Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Hiliday amongst others.

    Today's lyrics: no

    What: at least 15 minutes run this evening. May have a walk, also.
    Why: I'm allowed. Also, not working today, and it seems quite pleasant.

    Yes, LMH, often woner how some missing names are, particularly 40 mins.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • What: snowy run

    Why: it's arrived!

    Last hard: Saturday

    Last rest: yesterday

    Enjoy your new freedom Alehouse

    I've never skied on snow, I've skied in Scotland. I can ski on ice and rockimage
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    good morning!
    what - club night if it goes ahead, think its 1km reps. Depends how much snow is on the fields (and if the lights are on..).Otherwise will try the same locally on roads.
    why - Tuesdays
    last rest - friday
    last hard - last week

    lyric - think so

  • lyrics - yes!
    what - jogging round park with daughter whos recently started running
    last rest - yesterday

    last hard - 12 miles on sunday in ice and mud! (tired out the poor dog too!)

  • Morning,

    Not been on these threads much. Never have much to say!  But surprised to see alehouse out running. That seems really quick to me... glad you've recovered so soon.

    What:  6ish miles later

    Why: I'm getting back into the habit quite well...  and have a HM in March.

    Last rest: yesterday

    Last hard: depends on your definition. Probably not in 2013... as I'm just doing slowish miles.

    Lyrics...  no.

  • whoa - heavy snow overnight meant a tough run this morning. It was ankle deep most of the time, with a few drifts up to mid-calf and strangely enough some odd places where the wind had blown everything away and you could see the tarmac image

    what: 8 miles
    why: back to week one of P&D
    last hard: thawing out after I came back
    last rest: yesterday
    lyrics: yes

  • forgot to say: welcome back NZC

  • Afternoon from Witest Wales. Factory shut today as most staff v=can't get to their cars let alone to work!
    Lyrics: Yes
    What: Slow dreadmill
    Why: Need the miles and outsude treacherous underfoot
    Last Hard: Yesterday 4 reps of Marquis de Sade
    Last rest: Last Friday

  • Afternoon, again!

    Beautiful day here! Crisp, sunny, little underfoot to cause a problem, just slightly white on the river bank and in the woods, so 3.5k walked. Run this evening. As RW says, good progress is being made. Need to be careful, of course, and to that end I wore HRM for the walk: unfortunately I couldn't get it to register anything. Suspect it is a contact issue. The HRM hasn't been worn before, being part of the Garmin 110 that I got a year ago: had no need to use that part of the equipment so far.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Afternoon all. Suspect it may be treacherous out where we train this evening so I took a daylight run of 7M in the snow. Well done anyone who got out there today, and great news on 3.5k walked Alehouse. Lyrics are a big yes.

  • Alehouse - have you 'paired' the strap and Garmin?

    Overcast and grey here - and most definitely not nice underfoot though I suspect the trails would be ok once I got to them. Not sure it's worth the risk this afternoon though I do have some extra time as my student didn't show and I do have to walk Grace so could combine the two. Decisions, decisions.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • It seems to be paired, LMH: heart symbol is flashing but is giving no reading. Can't believe how nice it is here! Shame I'm not running until this evening, although the pavements are clear. It will be rather cold, I suspect!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Afternoon all. Haven't touched base for a while. Shame to hear about cancelled races. I've been carrying on with training plan for VLM, managed 12 miles on Saturday. It was a fairly flat route but I really feared slipping so wore Wintertrax on my shoes, made me feel much more stable. Next race is Brighton HM on the 17th, I'm hoping to crack two hours for the first time!!
    What: Running home this evening (6k).
    Why: Got a bit behind on the weekday runs.
    Last hard: Saturday.
    Last rest: Sunday, Monday.
    Lyrics: Nope.

  • Can't you get out whilst it's nice Alehouse? I'm guessing you've tried licking the contact points?

    Training for VLM myself now GGG - it's coming round quickly!

    Walked Grace and decided that I definitely didn't want to be running outside so passed some time and scratched the OCD itch with an easy 30 minutes on the treadie - legs felt better at the end which is good and I feel that I made up for those miles I didn't do yesterday!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Evening all.

    Hello NZC, RW and GGG  nice to have you back.  Speaking of missing persons, where's MadameO these days?

    What: nothing (did walk a few kms to station and from lift share as I was unable to drive into work this morning).
    Why: it's cold/scheduled rest day
    Lyrics: yes

    Conditions are still trecherous out there and it was dark when I got home, so definitely not even a slow plod for me today.  However, whilst browsing the bike section of the supermarket last night, I did see that they sold bike turbos...any advice on whether a cheap one is worth it, or is it better to look at something more expensive.  Is there in fact any difference?

    Have a good one all.

  • emzap - the difference is likely to be in whether you can vary the resistance or not, how smooth the resistance is and the amount of noise they make.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • AH.  If the heart monitor is brand new, and it is paired correctly, with the heart symbol flashing, then I think the equipment is working perfectly.  The problem might be elsewhere.  Have you checked that you're not dead?

  • DonaldoDonaldo ✭✭✭

    Lyrics - aye!

    5 miles easy with some strides.  Legs pretty shattered today, found it hard going.  Looked at my diary and I have had only one rest day since the 6th so probably needing another one soon.  Did about 8 short strides and took 39 mins all in.

  • AH : try checking your pulse by placing a finger on thumb side of palmer surface of wrist. If you can feel a throbbing pulse then you are not deadimage

    Sounds more like a configuration issue (it's picking up the HR monitor but perhaps not set to count and record it)

    Just in from first run (slow plod) in snow this year - 11 miles including our local hill with track covered in virgin snow. Biting cold wind made it less pleasant in parts. Now back in front of open fire with cup of tea image
  • OH. I've checked your test. I am indeed dead, but my HR has got a positive reading. Should I swap with Alehouse?

    Weather report from 650 miles south of Orkney. Footpaths acceptable for normal trainers, temperature plus 2, boring hamster wheel run completed. 6.6 miles, same old direction, 7:55m/m. Left calf is a bit achey. I felt it start to get tight at the weekend, and the turbo session stiffened it up. Compression socks are in order, and I shall try a swim tomorrow. Outlook is for more snow arriving at midnight through to 6am.

  • Not compression socks Blisters - you need a foam roller! What is your next race now?

    OH - I envy you your open fire.

    donaldo - do you have a race on the horizon?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Good to see you feeling better chickadeee

    NZC!! Hello image

    Blisters - there was not a lot of planning in the 11k.  When I went out I was just aiming at roughly an hour easy.  The sprints arrived out of the blue as I felt the need to run fast at the end.  I'm vaguely eyeing up the possibility of doing a 100m or 200m at our local track meet before the end of summer.  I'll come last to a bunch of teenagers but thats ok.

    Unfortunately the running is not really coming together at the moment, depsite a few weeks of good training.  Having serious doubts about the half marathon right now.  Well more than doubts really - I've pretty much decided to ditch it.

    what: 6k easy at lunch, 5k race in the evening (21:41, another 30s slower than last week)
    why: not really clear on that... 

  • Blisters - not that hot here, only about 26 degrees, great for the beach but not for running. Fine if you get up early and go, but at this time of year, with the kids on holiday, it's hard to get motivated.

    What: 4km - bushtracks with Mae - very hot, Mae not enjoying it! Then orienteering with the family in the evening. I had my 3 year old gdaughter in the pushchair, so we were always going to take a long time. She punched quite a few of the controls, and was good at spotting them. 

  • M. - just saw your post. What half marathon were you going to run? It's good that you are doing the 5km races even though you were slower than last week. I can't even get myself to face the starter! Saw Bernie is still running 20 something 5kms! How does she do it!

  • DonaldoDonaldo ✭✭✭

    LMH, nothing planned until the Edinburgh Marathon in May.  Will probably do some 10k' s and a half between then and now image

  • M - try taking a couple of easy days before your next 5k - you must be carrying a lot of fatigue at the moment. I know I lose speed when I first increase mileage.

    NZC - I'd rather have your heat than our snow. I'm one of the rare people who adjust better to heat, I think it's being hypothyroid which increases my intolerance to cold.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I'm not a heat person: Memories of Honolulu at Christmas and 90degs at 9.00 set my pulse racing for cover. 10k dreadmill completed on schedule and in lne with VLM training. Beginning to enjoy again. Rain forecast for the weekend so Llanswirry 8 should run. No contact ref re-scheduling of last week sadly. White stuff dropping in abundance here so liable to be off work again tomorrowimage

  • Definitely compression bandages.
    Rest (overnight, maybe swim tomorrow)
    Ice (plenty of that about, and some in the malt whisky)
    Compress (yup)
    Enjoy the telly.

    Burns Night soon, have you shot your Haggi?

  • Evening!

    If I wasn't dead before...20 mins d&d. A bit of a struggle, but it wasn't the legs. Just the rest of me.

    And Blisters: RICE is so last year. We first aiders now use POLICE. If you find out what it means let me know. I did know, honest, when I passed the exam.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Had to use the ind est again tonight for my session - 8.58m done, 10 mins easy (1.19m) 20 mins Steady (2.82m) 20 mins threshold (3.02m) and 12.5 mins easy (1.55m) in the wind and snow....

    But was all worth it as had Pizza afterwards.......

    Take care all

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