Runs and feeling nauseous

Hi all,

I am fairly new to running and have over the last 6 months upped and upped my running on a treadmill at my local gym. I am now running up to 15k at around 13kph which for me is a good speed and distance. I am quite happy with the distance and recently have taken it more seriously by investing in proper shoes and training gear.

I have upped my running speed in the new year and pushing myself a little bit harder though slight increments and have now found I am becoming more nauseous afterwards. I am not eating anything heavy before training and I am drinking fluids, though I tend to drink water before and after running. I make sure I walk for 10 minutes and stretch etc when completed. The nausea has just recently started and it tends to be an hour afterwards, I am eating, drinking and my pee is clear so I am not so dehydrated.

I have had a bit of a look around on the forums and people seem to think that chocolate milk shake, I am guessing this is a Protein shake is the way to go?

Any advice? tips? I am not looking bulk up but keen to make sure I do the right thing.

Thanks in advance.




  • So you're running all your speeds at the same speed (probably the speed you can just maintain) and the same distance? This is a recipe for disaster. (or certainly a plateau)

    80% of your mileage should be at a comfortable speed (you should be able to maintain a conversation happily at this effort level) giving you 20% on fresh legs to focus on pushing the pace.

    Read the first three posts here - it doesn't look like you're training for a race, but the priciples of training are covered quite clearly.

  • i found treadmill running made me dizzy  - i spoke to the gym instructors about it , and they said that  the simulated motion can make some people dizzy  - not sure if the same as feeling nauseous? i run outside now and this never happens, 

    its easier to pace your self and adjust to natural terrain outside, whereas on treadmill i guess there's the temptation to keep going as the machine is moving ... does that make sense? 

    have you spoke to the instructors? or is it your own treadmill ?


  • You might find that you are lacking electrolytes if you are only drinking water.  As a rule I wouldn't have thought that you needed them for the distance if you were running outside, but indoors is warmer and you could be sweating more.

    Try a sports drink containing electrolytes, or add a small pinch of salt to flavoured water (Ribena or orange squash).

    If you can't stomach it during running then try drinking it shortly afterwards.

    Protein shakes or milkshakes are designed to help you repair your muscles.  I don't think that is the problem that you are having from what you describe so I don't think they will do much good.  They are great if you suffer from excessive DOMS, and they are a good way of getting any form of nutrition into you after a run if you can't handle solid foods, but I don't think they will do anything for nausea

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