Hi runners

Having restarted training this year I am now thwarted by the snow and ice! Someone suggested Yaktrax Pro - do they really work? Are you guys out running in this?!!

Advice welcome, I want to get out there!!



  • I bought a pair 2 years ago and they are still in the box...lol but I have heard they work a treat.

  • What do you use in these conditions? I slipped a few weeks ago on ice in my normal running shoes so feel a bit wary....

  • I havent tried any myself but i've seen a few people on here recommend them after running in them image

  • Thanks! You have decided me!! Just ordered, will let you know how I get on! It says on the website that they were tested by marathon runners on a frozen lake so hopefully they should cope with slightly snowy, slightly icy essex!

  • they are pretty good.

    although I have never felt like I needed them. shorten your stride and you'll be fine.

  • runnersbeen wrote (see)

    I bought a pair 2 years ago and they are still in the box...lol but I have heard they work a treat.

    Same here!

  • Bionic Ironwolf wrote (see)

    I've used them and had trouble keeping them on my shoes - then I read the instruction leaflet and saw it said do not use for sports!

    there are specific ones for running.

  • I've got the STABILicers (Sport) - bought them two years ago just in time for the bad weather and was able to run on pavements covered in what was practically sheet ice. Used them again this Sunday morning when there was a bit of snow over the compacted ice/snow. I'd thoroughly recommend them - and they are specifically designed for running etc. You want the Sport ones which are blue underneath, with hexagonal hollow metal ice cleats around the edges; the version with all the gripping bits nearer the centre of the sole feels unstable.

  • I bought a pair of the pros last week. put them on and ran round to letterbox in the dark (just in case I fell, didn't want anyone to see, stupid I know!) on icy pavements, and just been for a long run on the pavements and round a local lake on compacted snow and ice, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Got them from Sweatshop in sale, and they've got the strap across top to keep them secure.

  • just wear fell/trail shoes. no problems.

  • Thanks for all the replies! The Pro ones do say hey are for joggers- I will also shorten my stride, thanks for the tip. I tumbled on very little ice before so I am thinking I am perhaps a bit clumsier than some of you!  very excited, I hoep they come soon as i love running in the cold.

  • I've had them a few years now and they are fine but watch out if you go indoors on a shiny floor!!!

  • +1 for the STABILicers Sport - great for compacted snow (and ice), and I think they are more robust than Yaktraks if you happen to have part of a run which is not covered in snow...
  • Thanks, I will give them a go. Don't have trail shoes, though may invest soon as I now live in a rural area where I can do off-road runs...Just bought them direct from yaktrax website and have now seen then £4 cheaper on Sweatshop site (grrrr) in case anyone else is thinking of getting them!

  • I've used them a few times. Found them quite good but mine did kind of slowly migrate up your shoe and end up in a different position - unless mine are a bit big for my shoes. Have only run in soft fresh snow in them. Not sure they ( or anything) would work well in full on proper ice
  • Hmmmn, not sure how well they will work on thawing, melting ice and slush either. Interested to try though.

    However, any recommendations for good all-weather trail shoes anyone? image

  • I think they're brilliant. When I ordered them on Sunday for delivery on Friday the forecast was for ice and snow for another 2 weeks. An hour after I pressed the buy button the forecast for the weekend changed to be mild and wet. That's what I call service!

  • Frazerelli, my STABILicers worked pretty well on what was basically pure ice two years ago - would have worked better on the hardest ice if I'd had a little more body weight to use to dig them into the ice, I think, but I'm under 50 kg...

    But they're NOT good on shiny polished artificial surfaces (or marble). Fine on un-iced pavement/road, but they make crunching noises!

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