Carry drinks on long run??

Now my LSR is reaching 15 miles I feel I should be taking a drink with me (one of my recent ones I really struggled last few miles and think it was lack of nutrition). I also can't face food just before going out on a morning run, so think I should be taking something with me. Only problem is I really hate carrying things whilst running, so 15 miles holding onto a bottle doesn't sound fun! Also out in the country so tricky to take money and buy something on the way. Any advice?! Are backpacks useful? What else do people use? Thanks!


  • I use a bottle belt (similar to this)


    It has a zipped pocket for sweeties and things, one for a phone, another for smaller things like keys.  

    I eat breakfast two hours before going out for a morning run.


  • Is it fairly secure? Doens't 'jiggle' about too much? Borrowed a friends running rucksack in the past but it started to get annoying as just jiggled about.

    I really can't face breakfast before running in the morning. Will try and practice this in the last long runs, but for these ones I just have to get up and go 

  • If you don't fancy a bottle belt you can get one of these Links to a posh one as had link hardy you can get a lot cheaper versions. 

  • It doesn't seem to jiggle, you do have to do it up tight enough though.  Not so tight that you can breathe, though image

    At first it felt really heavy, like I was dragging a tyre, but I got used to it quickly and don't notice it any more. 

    Could you manage a smoothie before running?  It's not real food image

  • Yeah a smoothie might be a good idea. May try that, thanks!


  • Oh and Cake thanks. This looks good, but will need to search for a cheaper one!


  • Try decathlon where I got mine from.

  • I hate eating early in the morning before my long Sunday run too, but I looked at it like an extension of my training and gradually trained myself to eat 2 hours before running - which isn't great at 6 or 7am on a Sunday - but I find it necessary to eat for anything over 10 miles. 

    I carry a bottle of water with me on longer runs - same as I would in a race when you pick up a drink at the water stations - tried a belt like Wilkie has, but I hated it so reverted back to just carrying it and you do get used to it - your LSR's are meant to be the time when you practice all of this stuff, so experiment a little and find out what works for you.

  • Beth - thanks. I think this weekend one (weather permitting!) I'll just man up and carry one the way round. As for eating - I've always been the same with eating first thing in the morning. Used to swim quite competitively so up for morning training and could never ever eat something before the 2 hour session. Think my metabolism just takes some time to get going!

  • Bottle belt and/or carry 1 x 500ml sports drink. They get lighter the longer you runimage

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    I just carry a bottle in my hand. I'm just so used to running carrying a 500ml bottle of sports drink or water I do that at events to to avoid the water station carnage.

  • I've just got a belt like Wilkie's and I thought it might be really annoying or heavy, but actually it's fine and I hardly notice it. I don't fill the whole bottle up as I' know I won't drink that much, so that cuts down on the weight. It's also easy to get the bottle out while running and the belt doesn't move around if you do it up tightly enough.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    If you go down the hydration pack route, as Cake mentioned, then there's a simple trick to prevent them sloshing around.  You just turn the bladder upside down and squeeze out the trapped air.

    I'll be digging out my Camelbak pack for this weekend's long run. I don't really notice I'm wearing it after the first mile (but I've been using them for years for mountain biking, so they don't feel unnatural to me.) 


  • I can vouch for these, very comfy and no effort to hold as they kind of strap to your hand. Have done 12 miles with one, but they might be too small for longer ones. the little pouch is handy for carrying sweets as well but you can get one without.

    Also i have a basic camelpak which is very neat, and you dont notice it when running

  • I really struggle to wear/carry belts etc.

    I have one run which I frequently use that goes through a camp site... so I just pinch a drink directly from the stand-pipes image

    Other solutions I've used are to secrete a coin on my person, and have a route where there's a shop/pub roughly half way round. Just buy a bottle of water there.

    If the other two aren't an option, I've sometimes taken a re-used small bottle (maybe just 200ml) that fits up my (long) sleeve, and I can throw away when finished. I found that less hassle than carrying one, or having one bumping around my waist.

  • Thanks for all the tips! I found a cheap belt that I'm going to test out this weekend. Might hate it, might not notice it...

  • So I practiced with the belt I got on a short fast run this morning. Jiggles about a bit which is a tad annoying, but put it more on my side, so over my hip, and a bit less annoying. I'm hoping it's one of those things you just get used to!? 

  • I do mine up tightly round the smallest part of my waist, with the bottle positioned just over the right-hand part of my lower back (top of bottle pointing up towards back of right hip bone). That way it doesn't jiggle at all, but I might just be lucky and have a good match between the shape of the belt and my body shape.

  • Mine is done up quite tightly around my waist, with the bottle in the middle of my back.  It doesn't jiggle.  

    Maybe you need to do it a bit tighter?

  • I'll have a play around with it. It was done pretty tightly, was just the bottle that was jiggling about. Will try moving it up a bit to smallest part of my waist and move it to the side. Guess it's one of those things that once i find the right place it'll be perfect!

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    I have had to try a few different belts before I found one which was comfortable. 'Move & Run' is a good one for me.

  • I think you want the bottom of the bottle in the middle of your back like Wilkie says... I can imagine if it was over your bottom then the movement might gradually dislodge it.

  • I hate carrying anything, so for long runs from home I'll just leave a drink on the doorstep and do 4-7mile loops, tend to do 2/3/4 different loops as I hate repetitive laps as well!

    Or do the same with the car, I just leave it on the windscreen. Other option is to hide a couple of bottles en route.

  • Karimor running/water belt from sports direct, 7.99 and Im in love with it!
  • Christian - that's the one I got..gonna play around to find the best position as I'm finding the bottle jiggles a bit


  • Wicked!

    I was running with it behind but ran with it in front today and it was sweet!

    Bottles stayed nice and secure and the two bottles holding 170ml each get me

    through a fair distance!

    Good luck with it, it's a steal at that price!

    P.S I also teamed it with the cheep karimor behind-head headphones, winner!
  • Ah no, I've got the one with just the one bottle. But yeah, figured for that price i'll make it work!

  • Ahh right, coolios!

    Yeah you can't knock it! Havnt tried the single bottled ones so can't comment to much!
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