Snow training tips - help!

I'm training for my first half marathon in 4 weeks time, but as we have had bad snow and ice I've had to put a halt on my training as I'm un steady on my feet at the best of times and didn't fancy breaking my neck before the race! 

I did 9 miles about 2 weeks ago but since then I've only done a couple of 8 or 10k runs. I'm not a member of a gym so I can't run indoors, but I've done an exercise video a couple of times but I'm worried I'm going to have completely lost my fitness. 

Does anyone have any tips of things I can do to maintain my fitness if this snow continues? 




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    hi charlie, you wont have lost all your fitness so dont worry.  you might lose some sharpness but it can be recovered.

    I would try and get out and do some running in the snow, you might have to be flexible with your normal routine.  Most roads are clear of snow so run on them at early or late oclock when they are quieter.  I go out at 7am so even the most busy roads are ok to run on.  I run towards the traffic on the double yellow lines so its easy for cars to pass if it looks close i will hop onto the pavement.

    Otherwise find a field/football pitch etc and run around that loads of times as its easier to run on snow/grass than snow/pavement.

    Basically you have to make do in this weather

  • Can you afford to use a gym?  Some let you join for just a month. Some let you pay as you go.

    Of course there might be no such gym within a reasonable distance of your house/work.

    Municipal leisure centres are more likely to give you these options.

    Failing that, then finding a sports field and running with trail shoes on snow covered grass can be a safe option (even if you fall, then it's usually not the end of the world)

    But at the end of the day, if you're not comfortable you can run safely, then don't run and just accept it as part of life!  Good luck


  • Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate that. I was really excited as alot of the snow had cleared in the centre of the city today, but it's just started to snow again - but i think it's just sleet so I'm keeping everything crossed it won't settle. 

    I will take your advice and see how I go tonight. Thanks again x

  • Some gyms offer 'trial' days - I have been working my way around a few Gyms and spending an hour or two on the treadmills. A different Gym each time breaks up the boredomimage The downside is that you then get inundated with membership emails

  • Yeah as said above - pretty much every day will offer trial days if you say you are 'interested in joining'. They can't force you to join but will try and sell it to you, but they will pretty much all offer these inductions. And maybe give them a different email address (ie not your main one) as you will be inundated and its a tad relentless (I worked at a gym for a while and specifically on inductions!)

    Or find a friend who goes to the gym and see if they have any guest passes (some gyms put a few on people's accounts - we used to on people's birthdays - or when people join up they might get a couple of guest passes). 

  • *gym not day.....snow is making my head fuzzy....

  • I've seen folks running on he snowy paths and couldn't quite believe it. How they don't slip is beyond me - I slip just walking. The roads are clearer but traffic makes it dangerous. I've missed a 6 mile tempo and an interval session so far, desperate to do my LSR on Friday, just not sure it will be clear enough. Might try gym trial freebie day if not, tho treadmill bored me senseless. Got early march HM to get ready for, but of course march cd see more snow! Curses.
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