running in the snow

hi everyone, what are everyones thoughts of running in the snow? i have a half marathon at the end of march and don't want to keep missing crucial runs but also dont want to injure myself. is it time to buy a treadmill? p.s im not a member of a gym  and even if i was i would have to travel at least three miles to get to it so travelling in bad conditions isnt ideal


  • I've been having great fun running in the snow, just take it steady......

    Yesterday ran on fresh unmarked snow along an old railway line, had brilliant hour
  • so not buy a treadmill.

    shorten your stride. get out there.

  • Im with Dave on this one, Ive just got back in from a 5 miler not so much snow up here more ice and slush now, took it steady, a minute a mile more than normal but id say the conditions made it feel more like a trail run so was still a good workout! Wrap up and get out there Ed save those pennies for a weekend treat image

  • Managed 6 miles tonight in under an hour, refreshing after being stuck inside all day
  • It's actually not that hard to run in the snow ed! I haven't stopped since the snow came and haven't even slipped.

    like Dave said just go for it image it's even easier on fresh snow but you might struggle to find some now.

    I ran XC on Sunday and absolutely loved it image
  • Throw on some trail shoes, tights and a softshell and get leaping through the stuff. Since the snow arrived I've been doing some short runs along footpaths through nearby fields and it's been great fun image

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    It does depend on the snow.  I skipped my weekend runs as the snow had frozen overnight on Friday leaving a thin crusty layer of snow on top of ice.  This was impossible to run on.

    Woke up this morning to a powdery white covering of new snow (weekend stuff having melted away yesterday) that was great to run through.

    You won't lose that much fitness over the wekk of disruption, and its due to disappear by this weekend.  So I wouldn't worry too much.

  • Another gorgeous run this morning, suppose it all spends on how much you want it
  • I did 29 miles on Sunday out in the snow. Its fine if you are careful.

    Ice is different.

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