Wrap Up And Run Crystal Palace 10K

Anyone else up for this? I just signed up and a friend will be doing it too. Expecting hills?


  • I think I will, it's the week before I go travelling for 2.5 weeks and I need to get in a few good runs before the berlin half

  • Wahoo!! Sign up NOW

  • hey Nikki,two and a half laps is the 5km park run,but this race course is a little bit different thats why is 2 laps



  • Hey All -

    Fantastic to see everyone's enthusiasm for this race! Hope your training is going well... image

    It's looking like a real stunner: we are way ahead of our registration targets, with a great field of elite runners. Time to beat those personal bests!

    Just over two weeks to go!!!

  • I am entering online on Monday. image

  • Yep. Entered. not raced in Crystal Palace park for many years. Last time I run here I think the only problem was pedestrians and dogs getting in the way. Won't be a problem this time as I'm so one hell of a lot slower!

  • Can I register on the day and where can I park my car?

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