Crathes Half Marathon 2013

I am aiming to run the Crathes Half Marathon this year as a first half marathon. Has anyone here done it previously and how did they find it and any advise for me as it is my first half marathon and need to get training( and running again) and stop making excusses


  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    Hi George,

    I ran it a couple of years ago and recall the lovely country roads. I really enjoyed the scenery and running somewhere different. From what I recall there are probably wee undulations at most (no real hills).

    If you're able to find the time it might be worth signing up with a club. Jog Scotland Bridge of Don are a thriving bunch who leave the GE Oil & Gas building (beside AECC) roundabout on Tuesdays & Thursdays. There are always folks training for longer at the weekends too so you'd meet training buddies. Google Jog Scotland if you're interested are there are groups in and around Aberdeen.

    Also lots of other clubs if you fancy company. Shout if you need more info.
  • Thanks Clag

    I have been considering joining a club I believe there are clubs in Aboyne and Banchory, which would be closer to me.

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    Deeside Runners are out that way. Might be worth trying them. I've met a few friendly faces from there at races so sure you'd be welcome.

    If ever you fancy a 5k, the Aberdeen parkrun is worth a bash. Whole range of abilities and a friendly bunch of runners.
  • Crathes is a really good half, this was my first half two years ago. Its a fantastic route and the views on the last couple of miles are fantastic.

    There is also a club in Banchory - Banchory Running Club.  It started in September last year.  We meet on Monday Nights 6.30 at the sports centre.  You would be more than welcome to join us for a few runs to see what you think. 

    Parkrun is also great, lots of friendly people.  Only thing though every time I seem to go its gale force winds and pouring with rain.

  • I really fancied doing this one this year, however I've just discovered The Beast race which is on the 29th September! Does anyone know what date the Crathes 1/2 marathon is likely to fall? I think I'll have to be seriously mad to consider doing them both any less than two weeks apart!

    I'm very new to all this but absolutely determined!
  • My guess is 15th september, entries open in march so will know date proper then

  • Thanks for that. Two weeks apart would be brilliant.
  • 14th September. The beauty of a Saturday race. I did this last year and before I'd finished I was looking fwd to coming back. Lovely setting, nice small (and therefore almost inevitably friendly) field, lovely day (which I know you cannot guarantee), well organised and in a fairly splendid setting. I'd get in there ASAP. This is the sort of race which hooks you!

    Sorry, I'm gushing.....
  • That's me entered. I just need to get training and stop making excuses.

  • Really tempted: would give me a chance to see my folks in Aberdeen. Shame its on a Saturday: don't suppose doing Aberdeen parkrun first and then making my way out to Crathes is possible?

  • You would have time to do both - the race starts around lunch time and crathes is a half hour drive from Aberdeen.  Although I would never manage both.  The race is great and the views fantastic.

  • Buuuuuuuuuuuuump.

    Just a week away, who's all in?  Looking forward to it, just hoping the weather can hold for another week.

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