Cold weather cycling: Snot funny!

Any tips on stopping the freeflow that comes out of ones nose during a long cold cycle?


  • That's what the cloth is for on the back of some cycling mitts.
  • i use same solution as cougie

    along with SNIF, HACK, SPIT
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  • ugh. You boys.

    don't you have hankerchersniffers tucked into your knickerlegs?
  • a clothespeg to keep nose closed possibly :-)
  • I melt wax into my nostrils and plug them up that way..

    ... woops sorry wrong website
  • While cycling push your right thumb into the side of your right nose and then blow the stuff out of your left nose. Do the same with the left thumb on left nose. There you go, clean nose!

    What is cold? Cycling in icy conditions can be quite dangerous as small ice particles can get into your lungs.

  • run a 2.12 marathon instead
  • URR - how cold would it be for ice particles to get into your lungs ?

    I thought the nose would melt them. And wouldn't that be the same for running, or indeed anything else outside too ? Prob frostbite would be a risk at those temps.

    I sometimes wear my Buff or Hedy over my mouth in the extreme cold. Or stay at home. Whatever ! ;-)
  • If the air is too cold your nose and mouth can not bring down the temperature fast enough. The result could be inflammation in your airway. I guess this can happen around -10C.

    I don't get on the bike when it is colder than -3C.
  • if you wore a breath mask?? (eg a pollution mask?)

    i dont cycle (or motorbike) at less than OC anyway, as thin tyres and ice are a dodgy combination
  • But what about when i go snow boarding at -20(
  • When I am skiing I use a scarf to cover my mouth. Try full speed downhill and then try to open your mouth, then you know what I mean :) -20C really hurts on your cheeks too.
  • just live with the snot whatever way - it will always happen. and having icicles up the schnoz is uncomfortable - have had this many times when skiing but they've never gone down the airway. in ultracold get a neoprene ski mask to keep the face warm (ski or bike) - you'll look like Hannibal Lecter but believe me, you'll be glad of it!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    The Finns wear silk balaclavas for Skidoo-ing, as the silk warms up and retains heat, then heats the incoming air as you breathe in. They are thin enough not to restrict the air flow too much. (The balaclavas that is, not the Finns).

    I brought one home to wear running in the winter but it hasn't been cold enough yet.
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