Tight calves

The next day after a run my calf muscles often feel tight - not terrible but if I'm sitting on the floor cross-legged playing with the kids (which I am doing most of the time!) and one of them presses on my calf it is quite uncomfortable.  I stretch briefly after a run, about 15 seconds per stretch.  Never stretch before running or warm up at all really.  Just wondered if anyone has any ideas - should I repeat stretches later on after the run, maybe massage but I don't want to do it the wrong way!



  • Stretch more, stretch longer and self massage!

    I do both straight-leg and bent-leg (to get soleus) calf stretches for at least 30 seconds per leg per stretch after each run, making sure to push my heel down well during the stretch (also other stretches e.g. for quads). I also massage my calves in the evening after a run and the following morning - just long strokes up the calves, on the lateral (outer) and medial (inner) heads of gastrocnemius, and trying to get to soleus in the middle (lower down) as well. Baby oil works well for lubricating your hands for this. Or there are suggestions for using different techniques e.g. in the YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1hTLpnS6vA) which I found this morning simply by Googling for self-massage calves. I also like to use The Stick for massage of my calves and other leg muscles.

  • Thanks very much Debra, I wouldn't have thought of Google although I use it all the time for other things!  Might ask for a Stick for my birthday image

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