Half marathons in NW recommendations

A good race in lead up to VLM please....

I have a place in Wilmslow half, but 4 weeks before London so maybe too close.


  • Village Bakery Half at Wrexham - not exactly NW but the closest I know of! It's 17th Feb.

  • Great North West HM (Blackpool) 24th Feb, I haven't run it befor, but the timing for VLM is good

  • Got to be Wrexham like acp said flat and very fast got my pb there..

  • 15W - I've done the great north west hm in blackpool 3 or 4 times. It is pretty flat so fast, although if it is a windy day that will slow things down. It is run on the promenade starting at the Hilton and going north. It then goes onto the lower promenade back to the start. You do it twice plus a little bit south at the start to make up the distance. People have complained about organisation but I've never had problems with this. In fact one year they actually went round and gritted after it unexpectedly snowed during the night.
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Ok, thanks for info. Don't think I can make Blackpool. Will look into Wrexham.

  • Anglesey Half Marathon on 3rd March. Menai Bridge and  Beaumaris Castle should make it a scenic route.

  • 15 West are you still doing Wilmslow? Am looking for anyone selling their entry... 

  • I'm looking for a Wilmslow half place is anyone has one?

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