First marathon

Hi, i'm doing my first marathon at Blckpool on 7/4/13. Been running now for 15 months. I started after losing 8 stone through dieting and gym exercise, got down from 23 stone to 15 st image. Training going ok so far, even with the snow, got up to 12.2 miles on LSR. So how is everyones traing going, and any idea what sort of times you hoping for.


  • Hi, I am doing London, just found out. Training good, but I had never thought of doing a marathon before and I am overwhelmed with info/plans etc.. Time wise, well will let you know hen I do some long runs, probably 4:30, don't know if you gain lots of time due to crowds/queues.
  • Km10 IM doing blackpool as well hoping for 4.30 13 miler 2x10 milers this weekimage
  • Hi, I'm doing London. Training going well. Done my first 20 miles last week. Looking to do around 3.30 time.
  • I'm doing London in... 1month time, gulp!  First ever.  Started my running in Oct when I found out that I got in through the ballot - had never run more than 3miles before so it's been a crazy ride as I prepare for my longest run to date this weekend - 20miles.  Still think it's a dream

  • Hi...I'm doing Bournemouth in October...which training plans are you guys doing? Also, what is generally a first-time marathoner's expected finishing time, on average? I've put 5 hours as I'm not really sure..image

  • Hi everyone

    I am doing my first marathon in Paris on the 6th April.  I have been running for about a year and did start doing an Intermediate training plan but have picked up an injury so had to drop down to a Beginners plan and take the training slower after I had one month out.  Now I am guessing on finishing in 5.5 to 6 hours but I had been aiming for 4.5 hours a couple of months ago.  My longest run so far was yesterdays 12 miles but I am determined to still do it image

  • KM-fantastic effort to lose so much weight.  I have lost a couple of stone but have plenty more to go!

    I am doing London and will be delighted with sub 6.  Training so far is going well, but I have a cold now and am coughing quite a bit so am hoping I can carry on as consistently as I have.

    Good luck to everyoneimage

  • I have just done Malta marathon got under 4 hrs for my first one so happy plenty of room for improvement 

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