Wednesday 23rd January 2013


Lyrics - Well we know where we're goin'

Where's birks?

Good progress running Alehouse.

What:                   turbo session
Why:                    not riding outside!
Last hard:            last year
Last rest:             15/1

Yesterday's lyrics were Weather With You by Crowded House.

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • Monring!

    Off to work in a minute.
    What: Rest day.
    Why: caution, then Qof P later

    Lyrics...should that's a no


    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    monring aleH? obviously pre-coffee...
    Morning everyone else,
    club ran cancelled yesterday (car park likely to be 'slippy') so ventured out into the snow.
    half hour bimble around the estate. fresh snow allowed good traction (trail shoes) and was again really mild. So much so, that this morning patches had already started to melt, main roads all clear. London virtually snow free, so lunchtime will see an Embankment excursion.

    M - You have cranked the mileage up this year so fatigue is often enevitable.If you already entered the half, why not treat it as a training run and see how it feels?

    lyric - yes!

  • Lyrics - yes again!

    what - only a 30 min easy run

    why - recovery week, start hard again next week!

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Hello again MM

    What: core and stretching
    Why: been neglecting them both
    Lyrics: yes (LMH I like it when you start the thread, I seem to know the lyrics!).

    M I agree with Dustin, why don't you go for it anyway?

    Have a good one all.

  • NZC - it is AMI Round the Bays Half in Wellington - also the NZ Half Champs this year.  Yes Bernie is astonishing isn't she. I was over a minute behind her in that race, despite the fact she is almost 25 years older than me. 

    Dustin - I did that last year, ran anyway even though I knew I wasn't fit then was so cross with my time I barely ran at all for weeks after!  Its not a particularly nice course - but it is fast in good conditions (dead flat, good pacers etc).  Worth it for a sub 1.30 attempt.  Not worth it to run 1.35

    LMH - I would do that if I was trying to get a PB - I suppose it might make 10-20s difference.  But as I currently can't hold half marathon pace for 5k I think there's more to the problem than just being a bit tired.  I could try that for a week though I suppose.  Funnily enough I don't feel particularly tired.  Actually the biggest problem I had while I was racing was that I was finding it hard to breathe properly (normally a good sign that I've lost fitness).

    what: 7k easy with a friend
    why: I needed an easy, chatty kind of day 

  • Morning from the white mountain! Made it into work and most of the team did too. Orders ready to despatch but the carrier doesn't want to play...wimp! Best the roads have been all week too!
    Lyrics: Yep...quite appropriate given the conditions
    What: TKD and small dreadmill
    Why: It's Wednesday and I missed tkd Sat.
    Last Hard: Monday
    Last Rest: Last Friday
    Rain forecast for the weekend so beginning to get hopes up for a race!
    AH....a liitle stretch might still be in order

  • M. wrote (see)

    I'll come last to a bunch of teenagers but thats ok. 

    Tee hee, that's the spirit! I once did that in a 5k track race. It was a meet at my old school and I got lapped by a bunch of 15 year olds...  still good fun though.

    That 5k time is not too shabby ... but if you don't feel race fit for the half then there isn't much point in doing it. Unless you want to practice MP or just have a Sunday run with company.

    what: 11.2 miles in the cold
    why: P&D medium long run
    last hard: finding out that I've become a victim of credit card fraud*
    last rest: Monday
    lyrics: yes! Love that song!!

    * a Western Union payment of nearly 500 EUR appeared on my statement only I have nothing to do with them whatsoever. The only sites that I trusted and who have my credit card on file are i-tunes and Amazon. One of them was obviously hacked somehow. Nuisance image. Off to the police soon.

  • More of the poxy white stuff falling from the sky - that wasn't forecast. Was hoping that it was going to thaw so that I would be able to run outside tomorrow but that doesn't look likely now, only other hope is that we get enough fresh snow to make it runnable on - or I shall be forced to use the treadie - in which case do I take the opportunity to do a few less miles but add some intervals or stick to an easy 10 miles or so?

    M - strange that you're not feeling tired, your endurance is obviously good and yet you say that your breathing feels as it does when you're unfit. How about seeing what a cut back week mileage wise with increased quality to replace the quantity does for your shorter distance speed? It sounds as though this is something different for you and not the way you normally react to upping the miles after a break?

    Unexpected window of opportunity opened this morning so I filled it with a 2k swim.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • One of the annoying facts about credit card identity theft is that you never hear the end of the story (when you'd really like to hear of them doing hard labour for some considerable time)
    Snow still here but quite local.
    Rest day (AKA work) today
    Should get out with JS group tomorrow
    Yesterday was quite hard

  • Evening

    Lyrics: Yes.

    I'm having an active rest this week due to us having a neighbours Black Labrador to watch till Saturday. 2 Black Labs to walk !

  • Lyrics, yes.

    No running, as calf is tight. Good excuse for a swim.80 lengths done, not fast. I'm sure that I miscounted at lap 6 or was it 8? An hour's effort, which means that I should be out of the various lakes or rivers within the cut off time. I still remain wary that the second half is always further than the first, and that feeble muscles can easily cramp up, especially if adopting poor style. Satisfied, especially as I had a final lap race with a guy who wanted to overtake me (once more).

    LMH: I notice that you swimmed 2k too, did you get on your turbine as well as that?

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