subcalcaneal bursitis

I have been laid low since last June image with severe heel pain. This started with a sudden pain, which happened during a slow run/walk following a two week layoff after a torn muscle in the other calf. I have been given intense treatment for plantar fasciitis with no result.

When the problem first occurred my heel was markedly swollen, and the pain has always localised to the lateral rear part of my heel, with no pain at all along my instep. I have carried out the exercises and massages for plantar fasciitis assiduously, but the pain is still waking me at night, in fact I can't put my heel down on the bed some nights. My GP gave me a sheet on plantar fasciitis, which mentioned the possibility of subcalcaneal bursitis when the heel is swollen, and the patient being woken at night. Has any one any experience of this?

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