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Hey all,

I have had hip problems for over a year (pain on the outside and in the front of the hip when running and after running) and was diagnosed with "snapping hip syndrome" in December 2012.

The diagnosis was that "if it hurts, don't do it" but that I wasn't harming anything long-term and that running was ok if comfortable.

I decided to keep training for my May 2013 marathon though after my 12m on Monday I can barely walk. Some runs hurt this much, some not at all.

What would you do? I love running and would really like to do my marathon. I'm very determined and used to getting over injuries but this is killing my motivation and actually makes me "scared" to go running in case things hurt.

Has anyone had this problem, or got any ideas for running alternative or ways to cope?

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  • I've had a friend having the same kind of problem but with time and yes mainly exercise he recovered from it soon. I guess you are insured for these kind of injuries so that your treatments costs can be covered more nicely. Take proper medication and exercise until your comfort level to recover soon.

  • Hi Bitterbrownie,

    do you do much stretching after your runs? I think I have this too, though in my case luckily without the pain - but when I make certain movements my right hip makes a kind of simultaneous popping/grinding noise (usually in a very quiet pilates class where everyone can hear! image), and if I get stiffness or discomfort in my hips after a long run, it's usually that side.

    Anyway, I do a lot of hip flexor and leg stretches (even on days when not running), and my pilates teacher also suggested standing by a wall for balance and swinging my leg back and forth and in semicircles to the side after runs when the muscles are still warm. But it's probably best to see a physio and get him/her to recommend the right stretches for the exact location and type of pain you have.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    +1 for literatin's advice.

    Its worth working on your core strength, as it can only help in these situations.  I had a niggly hip pain that sounds similar to yours but much less severe.  I took a week off running which helped, but it was still there.  It was only when I started doing core exercises (including lunges) did I finally get rid of it.

    If you have a look at hip strengthening exercises it will give you an idea of what helps - its mostly lunges and squats.  

    NB I'm not medically qualified (you probably guessed that!) but core strengthening  helped me - as you seem to have a more severe hip problem it would be best to discuss it with a physio or similar musculo-skeletal expert.  

  • Snapping hip syndrome is generally caused by muscle strength and/or flexability imbalances between your glutes/hip flexors, adductor/abductor muscles (all mucles in hips and thighs on BOTH sides).  

    So the above exercises should be good - as long as you do them right - i'd strongly advise you have some look at how you do squat and lunge - because you'll probably be doing them out of line (even though your body tricks you into thinking you are straight/aligned!). 

  • Stretching after runs are a good thing to do, unless and until you overdo it. personal injury law firm

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