A good one for all you trainners out there.

OK - way way back in time I ran a marathon and a bunch of 10k's I actually signed up for a second marathon but then injury prevented me from taking part. I wanted to start running again but kept putting it off.

Then in December I thought - the hell with it if I don't do something now I never will. and signed up for a 10k in April.

Problems are many fold - the biggest is that four years after I hadthe injury my right hamstring still feels like it's on fire even at rest.

I've not run for a year and training programs are out of the question as I commute between my home - Scotland where my kids live and Verona where my partner lives.

Anyone got any sensible suggestions on how to get round 10k with that little lot going on?


  • 1. sort out the injury
    2. sort out the injury
    3. sort out the injury
    4. sort out a training plan

    dont forget to sort out the injury    image

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    By Car?

    I may have read this wrong but you seem to be saying that you have a chronic injury that makes running/walking difficult as it hurts when you are "at rest", and also your personal life means you do not have time to do any training.  I don't think running is the right hobby for you.

    If you do want to restart your running, you need to go and see a physio to get some advice on the hamstring, as you are more likely to make it worse if you start running again whilst its still not right (as M...eldy eloquently explained).

  • stutyr wrote (see)

    By Car?


    Maybe it has not been said enough ... get your injury sorted out before running

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