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Hi Guys,

I am a road runner and just started to train for my next half marathon in Mach.  I started to do 3 spinning classes a week. The classes are great lasting about 45 minutes with a good mixture of interval work which get the heart and lungs pumping and some good hill work which means you have loads of resistance on and you have to work really hard.

My questions is:
Does spinning have any benefit to my running or am I waisting my time in the gym where I could have been pounding the road?

Also be very interested in hearing others thoughts on this form of excercise if you do it!


  • I'll say so. I made myself a lovely new jumper and buff.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Having discovered a sub 2:10 marathon runner routinely spinning an indoor bike for hours per week, I'd say yes.

    My own best running was off the back of cross training with a bike.

    Also saw a lad who was hard pressed to break 40 mins for a 10k despite being a 2:05 800m runner, come out after a winter on a bike and do 34:08 for his first race out.

    He didn't even realise how much strength he'd developed. Thought everyone else who usually ran off were ill.

  • I spin 1 hard session a week and find it's great for CV as well as quad work. Would do more but the other classes just don't compare! Agree with RicF, don't be put off if it seems to work for you.

  • I teach 3 classes a week and find it helps me.  It helps develop the cardio system so that alone will help. 

    If its running or spinning - then I'd say running is best. 

    If its sitting on the sofa or spinning - then I'd always go for the exercise. 


  • Its not generally regarded as an activity that will enhance running (great time for cross country skiing as an enhancing activity!!) but is regarded as  complementary. Certain running plans such as Firman FIRST incorporate a couple of cycle/spin days as a minimum per week. For me, I use rowing to complement running. Too many miles and I am susceptible to injury, so I see rowing/spinning/swimming etc as great for cardio workouts. However, proof will be in the racing as I haven't ran an event yet under my new regime.

    I don't think I'm in 2:10 marathon shape yet thoughimage

  • I've never been in 2:10 marathon shape but thing Also-ran has it spot on it's no substitute for getting the miles in but a very good complementary cross training. Your using sightly different muscles. I'd also think about swimming as cross training if you can useful for recovery days. Both good if it's to icey out there for you at the moment.

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