Rotary Shakespeare Marathon



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    Please let me know if anyone wants a place in this.  I have one going.  It can be transferred up to 21st April i think.

  • I also still have a place available. Make me an offer!


  • Yay Crashie!

    I will indeed be wearing the full pirate attire, although finding an eye patch is proving to be a challenge. It may cause some amusement, but I have finally decided to start doing some training. Not too much. A week should be just about manageable.

    All the talk about the Greenway, FFS you should have seen Dartmoor Vale. Billed as flat and fast it dragged uphill for a solid mile before turning a corner and granting you a 1 in 8 bitch of a climb. That was before the rolling part started. For a fun factor they gave you two laps. I remain scarred.
    Long flat and rural I can cope with.

  • Is there a time limit for this? If I stumble around in 5 hours will the finish line still be there?
  • I think the time limit is 6 hours.
  • I'm entered for this - and until last Thursday training was going very nicely thankyou. Had a run then and following that right ankle and achilles area started hurting, and it's only got worse since. 

    From a bit of internet diagnosis it's tendonitis but at the moment I'm struggling to walk, let alone run.

    Current thought is that it came on quickly and it can go away in the same way. The taper has started a bit earlier than planned but that's it for now.

  • Thanks Suzie, I found another discussion on the forum where a strict 6 hours was mentioned. In fact there's a cut off at 11 miles where if you're not there in time you get shunted to the half marathon finish. That was 2011 so if its the same now, I'll have a crack at it.

    I targeted a 5 hour Rotterdam marathon last Sunday (previously having done 5:11 and 5:18. I ran the first 15km at a silly pace (for me), then crashed and burned with severe calf cramps all the way home from half way. Ended with 5:23 after doing way more training than my previous two attempts. Very disappointing. Most training = worst time.

    I'm keen to use this training to run another at a more sensible pace rather than wait until next year and this race is two weeks after Rotterdam. However, if Im to break this 5 hour hoodoo, I wonder how much the hill in this course is going to add to my time. Anyone got a rough idea how much it adds to a PB?

    I'm going to be driving up from the south coast with a goal to beat 5 hours (for the run not the drive!) If I'm already dead in the water please put me out of my misery now, I'm already depressed and don't need another failure!
  • The hill is certainly a decent climb, but the profile on Fetch that I linked to above shows a total climb of 190ish metres; that's really not lumpy at all. It shouldn't cost you too much over Rotterdam. Go out easy and you should have a better second half image

  • Hello all this will be my first marathon so really getting quite excited now as the date approaches. Apart from a slight twist to the ankle a few weeks ago the training has gone really well, just hope it's not too hot on the day as I've got used to this lovely cold air!

    As an aside I don't suppose anyone is travelling near the Brackley/Banbury area and would like someone to share the fuel costs? M son has a party to attend and my wife would spend a lot of time in the car if we both get wheat we want image I'll contact my local running club but thought i'd try here first.

  • Hi Martin

    You've probably seen the info on the race website about the hill, but if not then I quote ' it rises approximate 31m over some 1100 meters (1:35 average - 1:15 steepest part for 150m)'.  So if you take out the 1:15 over 150m (which I think accounts for 10m rise) you've got a fairly gradual incline (net 21m climb) over 950m, and 150m up a hill.  Probably still hillier than Rotterdam but hopefully not too bad!  At least it comes relatively early on (ie not in the last 2 miles or so) and we'll have had a chance to sample it's delights on the first lap image

    For me the biggest concern is getting the pace right in the first half - and not getting swept along too fast by all the half marathon runners (as happened to me on the Taunton 2 lapper a few years ago).  Are there signs at the start indicating where to stand based on estimated finishing time? 



  • What time are you planning for Senor? Use your judgement and only toe the line if you think that you're going to nail it. After all, you don;t want the duck-waddlers cocking up you rhythm in the first mile either.

  • image i'm hoping to do something around 3.25 - 3.30.  So I'll have a look at 2011 results - see where that would have put me then and also at where a 1.45 half would have put me - and guestimate starting position based on that.

  • I'm looking at something similar (maybe...) and I reckon that starting around 300 back from the front is about right. 3:20 (1:40) would put you about 100th in the marathon and about 180th in the half marathon.

    Remember that some people will definitely go off too fast (though at the pointy end of the field this is probably less likely) and that the first three miles are a net downhill, so you would expect to be a (very) few seconds a mile faster than your target pace.

    I'm getting quite excited by this now image

  • Has anyone received their race numbers yet?  I put a late entry in on Monday and wondered if it's worth contacting the organiser to arrange to collect it, if they've already sent them out.

  • Hi Ben,

    I got my race pack in the post today.  I'm only doing the half so they might be sent out separately.

  • We've had nothing yet (Mrs CH is in the half, I'm doing the full)

  • Thanks guys.  Will drop the organisers an email on Monday if I get nothing.  It wouldn't surprise me if I'd missed them sending them out.

  • Cheers Crash, 300 from the front it is - see you there image My race pack arrived today
  • I got my (full) number yesterday

  • I shall be the bloke in full Pirate kit (but who isn't Blisters)

    The woman in Pirate kit will be Squishy, aka Mrs CH image

  • Hi I have entered for the Shakespeare half marathon however unfortunately I am now injured and can no longer run it. if anyone would like to purchase my place please email me at thanks and good luck to you all

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    If anyone wants my plan, you can have it for half price (I think I paid £28 to enter).  It's for the half but you can change to the full i believe.

  • Well, no need for me to contact the organiser, number came in the post today.

    Let's see what two marathons in two weeks does to me.

  • Yep, we got ours today too.

    Two marathons in two weeks; what can possibly go wrong? image

  • It all went wrong at the last one (Brighton), so this one can only go better image
  • No reason why it's not doable; I guess you find out for certain about halfway along the Greenway on lap 2 image Hope it goes well for you!

  • Good luck Ben, hoping this one goes better than Brighton.

    Crash, will look out for the pirates who don't look like Blisters. I'll look out for a pirate who does look like Blisters too.
  • To help you all out, I shall be wearing my Pirate kit, and targetting something like 3:30. I guess that I need to look out for Pirates that Aaaaaaaren't me.

    Looks like I need to do some sleuthing.

  • I shall be having a bash at 3:14:59 and failing dismally, so I'll be the one in a crumpled heap at the side of the Greenway at about 21 miles image

    Actually, I have no idea how I'm going to do; I'm picking a HR, will stick to it til 20 miles then open my legs and show you my class/jog in from there/walk in from there/die in a heap as appropriate. Could be 3:14, could be 3:41...

    I am, however, feeling good about the run. Had to really hold back on a loosener last night and was doing 8:09s, I'm twitchy, sleeping poorly, don't want to talk to anyone about anything but the marathon. This will mean I'm right in the zone by Sunday and generally predicts a good day for me image Come on, people, tell me how you feel! image

    Blisters, message received and understood; will reply later when I can find you some links!

  • Well Crash, I feel nervous, hopefull, excited insert here ____________

    you name I feel it. Marathon no 7 and hoping to go sub 4-30. So reading some of you guys on here, you will have no worries watching me cross the line, unless your home by then. image

    Done many 20 milers under 3-10 but somehow keep exploding on the 26.2 and best is 4.48 after a 3.20 first 20 image 

    Why o why does it happen. 


    Forecast appears cold and wet which TBH is my favourite type of conditions. 

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