Training for Stockholm Marathon after injury

Hi all!

I recently fell in love with running and have quickly become a keen and enthusiastic runner who has slowly built up her strength and fitness. I began following a 16-week training plan in September in order to run Stockholm Marathon on June 1st (I wanted to ensure that I had plenty of room for getting my fitness level and strength up and already had a fairly solid running base).

Then at the start of November I got a slight injury on one of the adductor muscles (I think, it was in the groin area, high up on the inside of my leg) which, stupidly I continued to run on, twice! After this I was unable to run for two months. I visited a physio who recommended strengthening exercises which I have been doing but I was unable to do any other type of training during this two-month break (he also assured me that it would take about 6 weeks to get up to my original fitness level). One week ago I completed my first (8km) run without any pain or discomfort.

So, my question, how should I progress in my training? Pre-injury a typical week consisted of one interval-training session, one hill-running session, two medium long runs (10-15km) plus one longer run (around 25km, the longest was 28km).  I am keen to find out my baseline by seeing how far I can manage running comfortably in order to see whereabouts I am on my training plan but am slightly nervous about re-injuring myself!


I have my heart set on running the marathon in 17 weeks time so it is not an option for me to back out.


Any help/advice/words of support are really appreciated as it has been more than a little tough being away from running for so long and it seems as though I have a long road ahead of me!




  • I'm no expert, but I would just start with one of the 16 week training plans, as if you're starting from new. You've got the time to do it that way.

    I'm also doing Stockholm!

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