Insoles and trainers

Good evening all

I think I am getting the running bugimage  However, I have a query regarding my feet.  I have prescribed insoles from a podiatrist.  Question is:  Do I need shop for trainers with insoles in or out.  I'm looking to complete a half marathon in May.




  • That would all depend on what the podiatrist advised you ... do you know what type of shoe you are looking for?
    I would assume that if the insoles are correction a mechanical problem then you would be looking for a neutral shoe so as to not over/under correct what the insoles are doing.  I would also think that if you are getting the correct size for you then you would need to remove and replace the insoles so that they fit correctly

    I will however go back to my first point, after paying for the podiatrists time and advice and the insoles then it is they you should be asking rather than a bunch of weirdos on the internet    image

  • Hi M...eldy

    Thanks for your time and reply.  I think you may be right on this and I shall revisit for the pro opinion.  Good to know that everybodies wierd on the internet.  Thought it was just me;-)

    Kind regards


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