Talkback: Bikram Yoga for Triathletes

It's proven that Runners who practice Yoga are less prone to injury!!


  • zoe pierce wrote (see)
    It's proven that Runners who practice Yoga are less prone to injury!!

    Where's that proven? Not doubting you, but I'd like to read it first hand.

  • I do like a bit of downward dog image

  • its also proven that runners eat food live longer than those that dont, you just got to love empirical scienceimage


  • cite your sources

  • I did Bikram for 3 months 3/4 times a week and whilst I enjoyed it and became a little more flexible I think there are better forms of Yoga out there. Why? Well at first I thought this is amazing and quite a good workout, then I took a friend along who practiced Ashtanga Yoga and she said Bikram was prety easy and it was only the heat that made it feel hard. This was confirmed to me when one morning the heating system was faulty so we had portable heaters in the studio. The heat was around 32c for the duration instead of the usual 40c+. The class felt so easy and I left feeling like I hadn't had any kind of workout. Since this episode I have changed my opinion on Bikram. To add to that, it is propbably the most un-green yoga around, the amount of energy used to heat those rooms must me emense which is reflected in the cost of a class, it was £13 a session when I went, it's now a whopping £16! Compare that to £8 a class for Ashtanga. For me it's a no brainer. Having said that, any form yoga will benefit those in need of a good stretch but I suggest you try a few flavours of yoga before signing up and parting with your hard earned cash!
  • I'm 50/50 on Bikram, I know people who feel it has helped but also know three runners who have sustained injuries during Bikram classes that stopped them running for months.

    But as with any yoga class, it depends on the teacher - some of them are excellent and some classes encourage a ridiculous competitive practice.

  • Yep, I agree, the reachers definately make a difference. We once had a "guest" Bikram teacher from the US, she was so bad I took to wearing earplugs in class to block out the constant drivel!!
  • £16 for a sesion of yogaimage....i do yoga but its free with my swim pass

  • Did read something about it being unhealthy due to the high amount humidity for the bacteria to live in but I'll assume that's only in a dedicated room and surely the same would apply to saunas. CBA with any of it,I train hard and never been injured through training so until I am I will stay an inflexible fitness luddite
  • for a home yoga workout (and therefore cheaper) i've found the Ryan Giggs Yoga inspired DVD really useful a couple of times a week.

     and we all know why he likes to stay flexible dont we...image

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