Shin, Calf Knee Pain


I have been running since Sept 2012, I think I have done well as I am noty a long distance runner but I started off at half a mile and now I am up to 14 miles,

However I tend to get pain in my legs, sometimes this is in my calf muscle, or it can be under my patella finally it can be at the front of my leg muscle as it joins with my shin bone if you get where I mean,

I am having to slow down training but I am finding I can do one long run a week and then if i rest for 6 days I have no issue - however I am running the 2013 VLM and I really need to be running more not less - suggestions ?


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    The odd ache and pain is inevitable, especially when your a newcomer and you are constantly trying to go further.  However, these shouldn't last more than a day or two so it sounds like you've got a problem.

    Couple of suggestions:

    - Try running 5 miles on every other day (i.e. 3 times in one week) rather than attempting 15 miles in one go.

    - Run slower: try running 1min per mile slower on your next run.  

    - Shoes: did you get your shoes from a running shop with Gait Analysis?  If your shoes are given you the wrong amount of support, then aches & pains in the knees are a common consequence.

    You can't train for a marathon by doing one run per week, you need to be running at least 3 times a week (with one of these being a "long" run).  However from the little info you've provided in your post you seem to be making the classic novice mistakes of too little at too high a pace, which almost always ends up in injury.

  • How much stretching do you do after running?  Do you have a desk or driving job - thats always going to keep the hammys, gluts and quads tight. It sounds like muscles in your body could be slowly tightening up and the tension is just building up.

    Have you tried getting a good sports massage - he/she should be able to show you the best stretchs as well.

  • HI

    Yes I have a desk job - and a try to do a bit of stretching but I guess I need to know how much is enough? I have never tried a sports massage no - I have heard they are good,


  • Hello,

    How much? is a bit of a 'piece of string' question.   As a guide, after running you should be holding each stretch for 45-60 secs each (gluts, hammys, quads, calves as a minimum) as you have 'issues'.  When you feel better you could maybe cut down the time to 20secs as maintence stretches....

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