Mud Running

I feel very inspired to do a mud run! sounds like alot of fun and very adventurous! But, the problem is, I can't seem to find many events for this year, well, not any near Portsmouth that are realistically priced to enter! Has anyone got any good suggestions or know of any?


  • Check out the Brutal 10 series, think the next one is in Feb.  Usually plenty of mud and not that far from Portmouth - up the A3

  • Thank-you! Looks reasonably priced and quite close!


  • Theres a lot close to you towards the end of the year Rachel. Hell Down South at Longmoor in November, Turbo X at Bordon in December, The Grim Challenge at Aldershot, and as rightly pointed out the Brutal series. They all have something slightly different to offer. Turbo was probably the one i found the toughest of them all. Brutal is probably a good place to start as a 10k, the others are a little longer !
  • Or just run across any playing field. All the mud you want and its free ! image
  • Same thought process as Cougie ... choose any car park in the New Forest and head off-path .... (actually most paths should be muddy enough)

  • I'm looking for mud runs near Gloucester, anyone know of any?
  • Debbie - you just missed the Dursley Dozen, (or maybe you're looking for more as you enjoyed it so much)

    The Sodbury Slog is a classic... Chepstow Harrier's Tintern Trot and Offas Orror near Chepstow can be muddy, and the Riverbank Rollick in Thornbury has mud potential too.

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