Is it possible to go running in a ski resort?

Ok everyone, here's the thing... I'm training for a half-marathon in 8 weeks time but 2 of those weeks will be spent skiing (in Tignes). I'm a non-adventurous sort of skier who likes to go fast on blue runs so I'm not sure the skiing will provide much in the way of training. Does anyone know if it is possible to go running in a ski resort? I have some Yaktrax which I found helpful for running in the snow here if that makes a difference... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  • Of course it is.  Presumably you'll have been to a ski resort before, so you'll be familiar with how clear the roads generally are.  Your biggest problem is that, in Tignes, you'll be at altitude and youre route will either take you a long way down a hill, or a long way up it.

    I ran in Val d'Isere a few years ago, but the road through the valley is reasonably long and quite flat.

  • Blue runs are not for going fast on, by the way.

  • Thanks! I have been to ski resorts before but never to Tignes.

    And I think possibly my definition of fast is different to yours!image
  • Run, You could save yourself a fortune in lift-passes.image  

    Incidentally, maybe pernickety, but I might argue with Intermanaut about blue runs.  MOST skiers go fastest on blue runs.

    Nursery and Green runs are too shallow.  Black ones and many red runs are technically difficult, such that only the very very best skiers can go fast on them.

    Blue runs are optimal in giving some nice gradients, but plenty of width... and safety.. so you can really go for it.

  • I've been to Tignes loads of times, (the last over 10 years ago BC - before children) you could run between the villages for a reasonably flat route, only trouble is possible traffic problems. The high altitude would make it tougher but all top athletes go altitude training so it's gotta be good for you! One other point, I vaguely remember seeing a gym with people running on treadmills in the end village, the one below the Grand Motte Glacier - if it's still there you could possibly get temporary membership or pay as you go. I thought they were mad, skiing all day was enough for me!

    I'm jealous BTW!image

  • I don't know about the conditions at Tignes, but Yaktrax should be great for running on tightpacked snow like a road. that is what they are designed for. If there is any XC trails laid down then there is also room to run at the side. But try not to run on bare asphalt or rock as the rubber can wear through, break and then cause you to trip as one liberated spring-end suddenly catches on the other shoe. I managed to destroy a pair like this two weeks ago on thinly covered XC trail and have bruises on both hips to prove it!

  • @Run Wales - blue runs are for beginners.  If you want to move fast, get on the reds & black.

  • Thanks Andy! That's really helpful. I try to avoid the treadmill whenever possible and want to get value for money out of my Yaktrax as the snow here is now all but gone... so i'm gonna look into running routes between the villages.

    Hope you can get back on the slopes soon! image
  • Eek! I'll watch out for that, Steve. I'm a Yaktrax novice so only just getting used to them. Running on a XC route is a great idea too. I googled cross country skiing in Tignes and looks there are @20k of XC routes which would be great... just hope I don't piss off the skiers too much!
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    Intermanaut wrote (see)

    @Run Wales - blue runs are for beginners.  If you want to move fast, get on the reds & black.

    Blue runs are for everyone.  Beginners can get confident learning how to turn properly whilst still being in control, whilst intermediates (including perpetual intermediates like me) can cruise at whatever speed feels comfortable, taking in the glorious sights along the way, without coming a cropper on a massive mogul field.  To which extent, you can go pretty damn quick on blue runs, if it's safe to do so.  It's my favourite form of skiing.

    Anyway, back to the OP. If it was a week I'd say you could get away with a bit of cross-training (although I'd personally still take my trainers with me anyway).  For two weeks it's a good idea to get some running done while you're away.  I don't know Tigne but whatever the resort, there may be days where conditions are crap for skiing anyway.  Take your Yaktrax and check out the gym option as well, if that happens to be more convenient.

  • Amy if I run on a ski trail I make a song and dance about keeping out of the way of the XC folk so they don't feel I am liable to walk on their tracks. As an XC skier I can appreciate they get a bit pissed off when people (usually walkers) trample their nicely prepared grooves. An alternative is to hire snowshoes and run to the side, or go wild cross-country for short stints from the prepared XC pieces. You get a good workout and the muscle use is pretty similar if you try running in them.There's a picture and some tips here.


     If yu do run on such a trail, hopefully it'll be prepped firm enough to run on without snowshoes (if the snow is old) and in that case you may well not need Yaktrax either - just a pair of trail shoes with good lugs.


  • I've been to Tignes and whilst there did a training run, as did my other half.  We stayed in Tignes Le Lac and he ran up to Val Claret and then down to the other village far below, but you do have to watch the traffic.  I ran round the lake which was challenging enough for me in the snow.

    Good luck and have to say V V jealous that you're off to Tignes as would love to go back!

  • Thanks Steve, Phil and Beth. That's really helpful. I bet the round-the-lake run was beautiful. Looking forward to getting out there and giving it a go!

    All the best to everyone who replied to my post.

    image image
  • I'll be in Tignes first week of feb. I won't run though.

    I have seen people running on the roads in Tignes in the past a few times you will need to watch the traffic though.

    I think there is a gym somewhere. Maybe you could get on a treadmill.
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    Amy- I was at Tignes at New Year - the skiing was awesome especially the powder oooff piste . Next to the lake is a figure of eight or similar cross country ski course which I'm sure will worth a try . 

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