I am new to running and set one hell of a challenge


I have never run before but in my infinate wisdom decided to run the Brighton Marathon 2013 in aid of Scope. There is a twist to this as I am not running alone, my son is 9 years old and is in a wheelchair as he has Cerebral Palsy .............. I am pushing him the entire distance as part of my run.

I am however coming up against a number of issues and just wanted to ask people if they could advise on my concerns. Since starting running (steady start and following a proper training program with a proper warm up etc) I have been plagued by pains in my legs and knees, which to be honest is not so bad as I have taken it easy and they have all but gone BUT before starting on this 'mission' I bought proper running shoes and the insoles to ensure I would be comfortable. Unfortunately this is not the case as, when I run all is well but as soon as I put on my normal shoes / trainers to continue with normal life I am in agony and can just about walk due to pain in the outer side of my foot .............. any clues as to what it might be as most places only talk about other aspects of foot injury. 

With only 11 weeks to go, I am beginning to worry a bit about my ability to complete this challenge (which even if I have to crawl all the way to finish it with my son, I WILL)

Thanks and apologies if this is in the wrong section


  • Just a polite question. Have you informed the organisers of the marathon what you are doing? If you have and they are ok with it then great but just make sure they know and are happy for you to do it.
  • Would second what Sussex Runner said, and also look up Mick'nPhil he will only be to pleased to offer advice.

  • No advice for you-sorry, but wish you luck in your challenge! I'm doing Brighton too; so hopefully will see you around the course. I've had the joy of seeing Mick'n'Phil in a couple of races they are truely inspirational.

  • Thanks all and yes the organisers are aware but unfortunately this apparently means I will be starting at the back due to safety!

  • Well that blows your chances of winning,

  • Run Wales wrote (see)

    Well that blows your chances of winning,

    Nah, still got loads of time to catch up to the front image

  • So... you've got a 50cc engine secreted in the wheelchair then.  Try not to get round in less than 2 hours.

    Not that you'd be so stupid, but I ran a marathon last year where a woman finished 3rd in an excellent time... but she was stripped of the prize when the photographs showed a bloke wearing her number as he crossed the line.

  • Ouch - cheating herself !!!

    I will be happy with a time of less than 5 hours tbh but who knows. Just want to finish so my son can say he has completed a marothon image

  • http://www.micknphil-marathonlads.com/index.php

    All the best Brett and I hope you get some decent advice on here and / or from Mick. image

  • How amazing! Good luck and god speed, Brett Edwards!image

  • I am also new to running and I get a pain along the outside edge of both feet. It's not during the run, but it's immediately after. I have found that good running shoes have helped, but not completely rectified it. I figured it's to do with me having comepltely flat feet. I might be wrong. My better half wears orthotics which were fitted by a chiropractor. I might end up getting a pair myself.
    During the run I feel my shins and knees are painful, but I guess that might be due to the bones not hardening up yet.??
    Well done on your challenge! I know you'll do it, parents will do anything and everything for their kids, and CP is a cause close to my heart. Of course starting at the back is no hinderence. Go catch em up! You're an inspiration. image 

  • Good luck mate, life is better when you set yourself challenging goals.  Resting in your comfort zone is dull.

  • Might be good to target a couple of training runs with the chair and maybe with your son (or weight equivalent). The change in gait, posture, etc might cause a problem on the day if you are not used to it.

    Good luck!

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