Plantar Fasciitis success

Hi guys,

Last May, I developed crippling plantar fasciitis when I did a trail half marathon and stupidly wore non supportive shoes.

As some of you have experienced, it was a long slow painful {mentally more than anything} process trying to work out what would help. Nothing really did. I spent endless days, on the Internet, over seven months looking for the magic cure. I tried just about everything and, although the pain got better, I still could not run. I gained a stone in weight and was utterly miserable.

Anyhow, at Christmas I asked for a pair of 'back on track' ceramic socks. They cost £20.00 on Amazon, so not a cheap pair of socks.

I started wearing them every day. I could certainly feel my feet tingling slighty. They are infra red and so increase the blood flow to the area. Within 3-4 days I noticed that my feet felt better image Within a fortnight, I was able to put on my running shoes and go out for a run. So far, I have run in mud, hard trails and snow and my feet are great. I am only up to two miles, but have no ill effects from running at all.

I wore them every single day for three weeks and now am trying every few days. I stood talking to someone for too long one day and my heels felt a bit sore. Back in the socks and, next day, absolutely fine.

I wanted to share this with you as I have never read of anyone trying these for plantar. So, who knows, it may help one of you to recover quicker image

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