knee brusing

I have been running now for three weeks from doing nothing in more or less 20 years.

I am doing great but my right knee feels sore and to press it feels like it is bruised.

Whilst I want to continue running my head is saying that i need to stop for a week or so to let it repair.

Not being an experienced runner should i perhaps visit a physio for advice or just wait and see what happens? I dont want to waste their time.

Also afte 3 weeks running, will a week off put me back to the square one?


  • Give it 4-5 days rest then first try going for a walk, and if ok go for a smaller distance run and give it a day to see if you get a bad reaction.   NEVER be afraid to back off with the training if you get long-lasting or serious aches and pains.  You'll probably be helping your self in the long run.   

    Having a week off won't put you back to square one at all - maybe after 2-3 weeks of inactivity your cardio & neruomuscular fitness will go down slightly, but it return much quicker once you restart than it would have took you to build it up in the first place!




  • Knee starting to feel better after 3 days off. Will leave it another couple and then try running again on Sunday night.

  • Did a 3.78km run tonight and knee was a little sore. The pain seems to be just at the top inside the knee cap.

    Anyone any ideas? Maybe just over usr to quickly or something else that is connected with running?

    Thanks in advance of your assistance.

  • I decided to take the plunge and go the physio today.

    Cost me £29 ro have my knee checked out and it transpires i have strained the ligament on the inside of me knee.

    She cracked my knee and massaged and rubbed the ligament and told me to do not running for a week at least.

    Bad news is I cant run, good news is it is nothing serious.

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