Which plan..advice please.

Hi, Ive signed up to do the yorkshire marathon in october and was all set to follow a matathon training plan, starting end of feb, however..ive now decided to do the sheffield half marathon in may, so should i still follow my marathon training plan, or follow a half marathon plan till the sheffield run?

Any info appreciated.

Thank youimage


  • http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/racing/big-half-marathon-index/4179.html

    the schedule you should follow should be about the time you are looking to finish it. by following the half marathon first you should be in prime condition when you start your marathon training 16 weeks before Yorkshire

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    You had a six/seven month training plan for the marathon!?!  Most are around 16 weeks (i.e four months) as anything longer and boredom/exhaustion sets in.

    As Andreia says, the classic progression would be to follow a 12 week half marathon plan and then start your 16 week marathon plan a couple of weeks after the HM (giving yourself sometime to rest/recover before embarking on a new schedule).  A rough calculation in my head suggests this fits your Oct & Maty dates - but you have plenty of time to modify this to fit your timescales.

  • The marathon plan was for 16 wks..but i thought id bettert start early to allow for injuries, holidaye etc...

    Stutyr...thanks for your advice, ill scrap my original idea and follow the half plan, then start the full.

    Thanks also andreia.



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