2013 Running Goals

Like many, I'm deep into spring marathon training at the moment, but with half an eye on the end of April I'm wondering what I might like to do after my marathon recovery. Other than my obvious goal to get to the marathon in one piece, enjoy it and get a PB, I'd love to get some speed over the shorter distances, hopefully reducing my 5k time before my marathon race day to under 24mins, and then see what i can get it down to with some specific 5k training over the summer. 23 mins, 22 perhaps? Who knows.

I'd also like to improve my swimming, and was thinking I might have a bit more time/energy to cross train once marathon training is done.

What about you? Marathon or otherwise, what are you running/training goals for this year?



  • Hey hey,

    I have put in a fairly crafty 10k, 2 weeks after my spring marathon, and the westminster mile the day before that.  I've never done a mile race before, so I'm hoping for 3 Pbs in 1 month.  Also thinking of doing race the train this year, which is a 14 miler. and I'm doing Orion 15 in the build up to my spring marathon, so yes, many pb potential races!

    As for swimming- nasty- that being said, last year I did my first triathlon - the Maldon triathlon, sprint distance.  I would highly recommend it if you're looking to stay fit in the summer without pounding the roads all the time image

  • wow, you're busy Angela.

    I've got one eye on a 10k about a fortnight after my marathon, as i've heard rumour that if you're gentle with yourself in the weeks after the marathon you'll retain a lot of the fitness benefit of the marathon training and still be sharp enough to race a shorter distance, so ideally i'll also bag a 10k (and maybe a 5k parkrun) PB in the wake of my marathon.

  • Yes,  I asked for tips on here before entering.  

    I remember after I did London Marathon in 2011, I did the bupa 10k a month later with zero training in between.  I started the race running with friends, so don't count the first half as it was more of a jog, but when i left them behind at mile 3, I ended up running a 5k pb in the 2nd half of the race.  I then went on to get my 5k pb  in July in an evening race after being at work the whole day, so yes, marathon training gives you awesome fitness for the shorter races!

    Which marathon are u doing?


  • first 100 mile race and first 24 hour race.

  • Angela, i'm doing Manchester marathon on 28th April. I'm running it with a mate who's done about 10 or 11 marathons, all around 4 hours (+/- 5 mins) whilst i have only one to my name from 3 years ago (5:08:22) so i'm definitely looking to improve on that time image

    dude, 100 miler, impressive. I'm just reading "Born to Run" at the moment, and am quite inspired by the mindset that ultrarunners get into. Hope you enjoy it.

  • AgentGinger wrote (see)
    What about you? Marathon or otherwise, what are you running/training goals for this year?

    Aiming to get my total number of parkruns up to 50 by the end of the year. I got up to 25 by the end of last year, this year I've done 3 so far so that's 22 more to go.

    That's my only firm goal. Going to do some races (HM and shorter), as the mood takes me. I'm hoping to do a bit more cycling once the weather improves and I'm having vague thoughts about doing a duathlon.

  • No marathon for me this year.  Goals for this year are all shorter distance stuff, namely sub 19 5k, sub 39 10k, sub 1:27 HM by the end of the year and to establish a base fitness from which to start training for a spring 2014 marathon.

    Immediate target is a 1:30 half in March.


  • Obviously the marathon for me image just to finish as its the first (would love a nice time but dont want to push it)

    idealy im pushing for a sub 40 10k in the mix of marathon training, havent done a 10k for ages as been in XC land so hopefully with all the miles ive built up i should smash my P.B (well its 46:00 ATM so wont be too hard image)

    also just to be generally faster throughout the range!! havent yet done a half so really want to do one of themimage

  • we (my wife and I) have set ourselves the goal of running 2013 miles between us in 2013 (catchy eh?). Not a huge amount for a lot of folks, but it's a challenge for us. We are doing this for Cancer Research UK though, so it's all for a good cause. 

    I was pleased to see us both in the current (March) issue of RW though! We are on page 37, in the 'Human Race' section. 

  • I'm doing a 48hr race in may, but it's not quite a running race, there is a lot of distance to cover but much of it is obsticle and navigation challenges as well, including water crossings. Looking forward to that.

    My running goals are a trail marathon and the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge in under 6 hours, (previous best 7:10)
  • Looking forward to the Mile in addition to the 10000. Hope it's just as good.

  • Bit late.in the day perhaps, but I'll chip in with mine!

    10 miles in 65 mins (with part of me wanting to aim for 60)

    Barefoot half marathon

    Sub 18 5k (which should happen in the ten mile race if not before!)

    1st ever.marathon, no time target just yet.
  • How is everyone getting on with their goals?

    I'm up to 34 parkruns now, still well on target to get to 50 by the end of the year.

    I've done a couple of 10K's (one went well, the other not so much) and a 10 miler.

    Just started cycling again. Now that the clocks have changed I can cycle to the train station and back as part of my commute. It's 5 miles each way, planning to do that 2 or 3 times per week. Not sure about doing a duathlon, the one I had my eye on is just over a week away and I don't think I'm quite ready. The BHF are doing a 30 mile ride near me later in the year so I may do that instead.

  • CC82CC82 ✭✭✭

    I'm also a bit late in here.

    I had/have 3 goals - well 4 if you count "train properly" as one of themimage - for 2013.

    10k race in March - initial goal was to improve on 46:51 PB and hopefully run sub 45 minutes.  Closer to the race, the training was going well, so decided to aim for 42ish on the day.  Finishing time was 42:52.  Tick!  I'm throwing in another 10k race 2 weeks after the half marathon below - target will be to improve on my PB.  Aiming for sub 40 minutes next year.

    Half marathon race in May - initial goal was to improve on 1:54 PB, but hopefully sub 1:45.  I've reassessed that goal and I'm aiming for sub 1:30 now.  I ran a comfortable half marathon distance last week in 1:40, so with 8 weeks of training to go, I'm confident I'll at least go close to 1:30!

    Marathon at the end of September - sub 4 hours was the initial goal (did 4:24 last year with crap (i.e. hardly any) training!), but with the vast improvements early on this year after actually training, I'm aiming for at least sub 3:15, and hopefully push on to sub 3:05 for a Boston qualifying time (maybe even squeeze in under 3 hours - that's the very ambitious goal I'm setting myself...).

  • Well only a week and a bit to go until my marathon, and things have held together ok so far.

    I haven't raced a 5k or parkrun since November, so officially my PB is still 25:55, but in a 10k last week I ran 46:25 and the second half split was 23:07, so I'm pretty pleased with that.

    Fingers crossed I should be on target for my marathon goal of 3:57:05 or below. Just need to avoid contagion and potholes for another week, and hope there are no gales or heatwaves in manchester next week, and I should be able to nail it.

    If my legs are recovered the week after I might have a go at the parkrun and see what my post marathon legs are capable of.

    Tom, going well with your parkruns, you've got 8months or so to bag the other 16 and get your tshirt.

    Calum, impressive improvements. Your sub4 marathon target is definitely old news, as your shorter distance PBs would suggest you're capable of much quicker. See how you fare in your May half marathon and adjust your marathon target based on that.

  • Good luck with the marathon!


    Did another parkrun on Saturday, up to 37 now. Think I've only missed 5 parkruns this year (3 races, 1 cancelled parkrun and 1 injury).

    Winchester parkrun is starting up on Saturday, torn between running that to get my tourism stats up and sticking with Havant to keep my position in the points table (currently 19th).

  • After 45 marathons, 7 Ironman races, 1 40-mile ultra, and a hip replacement op, I am finally going to do not one but two half-ironman races. Strange to be contemplating a half distance at my stage of life but with a titanium implant (hence the name) that's the farthest I'm allowed to do!

  • i need a rest after reading ironwolf. my goals are 10k run in june & hm in 12 weeks. training is going well although the change in temperature has affected my pace slightly.

  • My aims are to reach both 100 10k races and 100 half marathon races. I'm at 94and 90 respectively!
  • Well at the beginning of the year it was to run a 10k race...did that in March so now the aim is a sub 50mins 10 and just to get round a half marathon. Getting really into this running lark...

  • Blimey, andyp, you're not hanging about.

  • Not quite sure yet.  Any goal will be training for 2014 target which will be either Race the Train or the London to Brighton.

  • Under  1.45 for my next half marathon image

  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Good fun reading through this thread and the completely different distances/targets.  I've got a few of my own....

    5k in under 20 minutes: I've managed 22:08 on a 5.1k route, but I'll start attending parkruns to target it.  My brother and I have a bet on who'll achieve it first!

    10k in under 43 mins: Official PB 45:26, but I've ran the first 10 of a 13.1k race much quicker and two half marathons this month (themselves faster than my only other half) with a first 10k of 45m flat.

    Run my first marathon, lined up for Athens in November.  It's been a good start to the year, and hope it continues when my knee lets me train again!

  • Sub 17 5k, sub 35 10k and sub 80 half...

    1 of 3 done. May struggle with the half target mind you!
  • Agent ginger, post marathon I always get a few PBs in the 2-8 weeks after.

    You've got the boost from marathon training so just need to tick over a bit.

    2-6 weeks after I've done PBs across the board 5k, 10k, 10 mile, half m. 10k is good one to go for. Set yourself some races.
  • AgentGinger wrote (see)

    Blimey, andyp, you're not hanging about.

    Trying not AG, although my running style is distinctly "plod" image

  • I'm aiming for 12 laps of the 6.2 mile course at the TR24 in July and running the Sussex Stride in September. I'd also like to do the Beachy Head marathon in under 5 hours in October - then I can rest image

  • I'd like a sub 48 minute 10K, a sub 23 minute 5K, a sub 2hr half (finally) and to just get around my first Marathon.

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