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Ok, so this is a bit of a strange post for us hard as nails runners, but here goes.  I’ve found that recently with the cold weather, and the need to wear hats, the quality of the skin on my face has become pretty bad.  I used to have fairly clear skin, but now I have almost permanent spots on my cheeks, meanwhile my chin is very dry.  Can anyone recommend any products that don’t require a degree in skincare to use?


  • E45 is pretty good.

  • +1 for E45
  • Liz Earle. Amazing.

  • i run either very early before work at 6 am , or late eve, usually around 9pm, its bitterly cold out, and i'm bare faced and make up free image a rare event! anyway i coat my naked exposed skin with thin layer of vaseline  - petroleum jelly  - the cheapest and simplest weather proofing to prevent chapped dry skin from chilly weather , but erm, does smell like mild petrol lol  - seriously though, its pretty good and £1 a tub, 

    however if your're getting spotty too vaseline may block pores and make spots more of a problemn as it traps heat and moisture under  the layer,

    i only use vaseline while running  then wash my face in the shower before work , or before bed in evenings 

    try oil free moisturisers like the johnsons clean and clear as a daily cream, 

    winter is harsh combo on the skin with extreme low temps outside and central heating indoors drying it out 

    prior to my current post i did 6 months in a  dermatology unit (i'm a nurse image)

  • Runniff wrote (see)

    Liz Earle. Amazing.

    +1 for that.  Bordering on miraculous

  • Thanks for all the tips people.  I have actually noticed some improvement since last week being more disciplined about my skincare routine and got a new day creme.  still dryness on the chin, though not as bad as it was, so I think i'll try the vaseline on that area.

    Will save Liz Earle for a treat at a later date.

    I stay away from E45... a while ago when I first started at University, I started suffering from eczema, and my sister recommended e45.  I found that it made it worse- caused stinging, so I don't like to use it since then.



  • If you are moisturising before going out in the cold, make sure you give the cream at least an hour to sink in. Try adding a hyaluronic acid serum under your normal moisturiser after the runs to get all the possible moisture in you can get. 

  • Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is really good for protecting the skin during the cold months.
  • Wire wool and brasso

  • Aah the old Alf Tupper skin regime eh Dave ?
  • I is an Ironman !!!  (teehee)

  • I have yet to go wrong with olive oil. I know it sounds wrong applying oil on your face but it really works.

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