A place for edinbrugh marathon

Hi I am looking for a place for the Edinbrugh marathon. Unfortunately I was too late for general entry and the charity I am trying to raise money for is not affiliated to the marathon. If anyone unable to use their place ill buy it from you. Thanks Hazel


  • I do wish all these people who failed to get their act together and enter in time would stop cluttering up the forum with their requests.

    Most manage to post only one, but you've managed THREE.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Agreed. You've posted three posts in the SAME forum section? Why? Do you think that people will not see just one of them?

  • Given that all 3 messages were posted at 19:36, give them a break and assume they had an issue with their browser and did not mean to post 3 ? I find RW one of the more flakey websites for ie/chrome/safari.

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