Friday 25th January 2013


Kept waiting but no one started the thread so - lyrics: I love you from the bottom, of my pencil case

Alehouse - that is speedy progress - make sure you're stretching!

emzap - hope it feels better this morning.

RFJ - good that there was no damage.

SC - hope it was good news from your tests.

Yesterday's run on the compacted snow/ice has upset my hip flexors again and today is my busiest at work (assuming the students actually turn up) so I'm having a rest day and hoping that it will set me up nicely for a weekend of ice and snow free paths - though we're forecast more snow overnight followed by a few days of high winds. Joy.

What:                  rest (or 30 minutes easy if really stressed)
Why:                   I need it
Last hard:           last year
Last rest:            15/1

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • Lyrics - yes!!

    tough run over the Heath last night with headtorches and dogs - ankle deep mud, hilarious!

    What -rest day
    Why - after last night, and before parkrun!
    last rest - monday
    last hard - 12 miles last Sunday

  • I'll pop in here too...
    Lyrics: Yes
    Hospital tell me I have a heary and they'll rtell me more about it in a couple of weeksimage

  • the beautiful south are one of those bands that I would be happy if i never heard another note from again. them, and the black eyed peas. that is not an exhaustive list.

    on a lighter note, happy scottish day.

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