Pain on the outside of knee

Hello, I've been running for many years now with no problems but recently, about a month ago I started to feel pain on the outside of my right knee. It started towards the end of a 9 mile run, feeling like a dull pain/pinched nerve. As soon as I finished the pain was gone. I went running a couple of days later and the same thing happened so I rested for about ten days and then resumed running. At first everything was fine and I had no pain but towards the end of my run the pain stated to return. I again rested for a period before running again but when I did resume running the pain was present from the first step. I've not been running now for about 15 -days. There's no pain when I walk (including up and down stairs), kneel, lunge, squat or even jump but as soon as I start to run (even a slight trot) the pain returns immediately and I've now noticed that after I stop running the pain goes from the side of my knee to slightly behind it but this only last a short time. Does anyone have any idea what this could be and how I can treat it because I love running it's driving me mad not being able to. I can't even run to catch a bus at the moment. Please help.


  • sounds like it could be an ITB problem, but your best bet is to get your GP to refer you to a physio, or if you don't want to wait, just pay for your own private physio session, although it's probbaly not a bad idea to have your GP look over it first anyway.

    it's difficult for other runners, even ones with similar injury experiences, to accurately diagnose your injury from a description on a forum. go get proper expert help before it gets worse. good luck

  • As AG says, it could well be the ITB.

    I get similar knee pain from time to time, and if I use a foam roller to work on my ITB it does go away. 

    This may be worth a try if you have a roller, or access to one at a gym.  This sort of thing.

    BTW, it hurts!

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