Strapless HRMs

Hi everyone,
I want to buy a heart rate monitor for the first time. Has anyone any experience/advice about the new Mio strapless HRMs. How do they compare with the usual ones with the chest straps - pro's and con's?
thanks for any help.


  • Hi Christine,

    No info but I'd be interested in any contact details you have about them. I've used Polar's with chest straps in the past and they're fine but I don't find the straps all that convenient so I've been looking for one that doesn't need a strap.

  • Hi (is it Louisa or Christine?),

    Just had a look at their web site:

    Not quite what I had in mind. Kinda hoped it'd be something that'd give a continuous display of heart rate taking the pulse from the wrist or something but this snippet from their site seems to suggest not:

    "SPORT accurately measures your heart rate with patented sensors that work by finger touch rather than the chest strap used by most other heart monitors. Just touch your fingers to SPORT's face, and in seconds, the watch measures and displays your heart rate."

    Don't really want to have to keep reaching over to measure my heart rate. Ho-hum. Back to the strap for me!

  • Thanks for the replies on this. Really just confirms what I found out - that the strapless HRMs don't continuously monitor your heart rate and you have to touch the face of the watch to get a readout.
    The makers do claim that they give a more accurate reading than the ones with chest strap attached because they're immune to environmental noises.
    I got all this info from
    I would still be interested to hear from anyone who's actually bought and used one before I make up my mind.
    Has Runner's World done a feature on them as that would be neutral and not just the blurb I've got from the manufacturers?
    Thanks again,

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