advice please

Hi all just want to see what you think I am toying with the idea of entering a day in the lakes tri in june but after not being to train much this month was not sure if there was time I can do the distance but the cut off times worry me


  • You haven't given any clue as to what you have done in the past....

    So Yeah get on with it
  • still time to follow a 20week programme image

  • foofighter wrote (see)
     but after not being to train much this month

    Why not ? Skiving isn't going to help

  • and that is one of the toughest races around.

  • thanks for the replies so far and now to give you a bit more info about myself , I have run with a club for the last 7 years and done loads of 10ks at least 10 half marathons and 2 full marathons , I'm not the fastest thing on two legs image more middle of the pack , Last year I got back into cycling and from there I decided two do a few sprint tries loved them and now I'm hooked so wanted to set myself a challenge

    Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    foofighter wrote (see)
     but after not being to train much this month

    Why not ? Skiving isn't going to help

      not really been skiving image just not done any tri specific training and not been on the bike for weeks still been running 2 to 3 times a week

    ironholgs wrote (see)

    and that is one of the toughest races around.

    that's why I'm not shure if there is time to give it a bash

  • If you are run fit then its plenty of time if you want to do it and not scared of being in a bit of pain.........a number of usd a few years ago did the Bala middle distance about 6/7 weeks after London marathon...........had to buy a wetsuit and a roadbike to do it but managed it and loved it.......

    had to do 20 strokes frontcrawl and the 20 breaststroke as i hadn#t sussed out the front crawl in time......

    If you really fancy it go for it..the worst that can happen is you don't finish but you will then know what more you have to do for the next oneimage

  • Thanls Seren its the swim that scares the c????p out of me if im honest cant do front crawl and the only open water swimming I have done is on holiday in the sea(I know I'm going to work on this)
  • the wetsuit really makes you float so almost impossible to although i had never swam that far even in a pool.i just relaxed and decided that i would just keep on swimming until i was allowed to get out.....just got my breath back doing breaststroke and decided to enjoy the view..........

    it was brilliant

  • Go for it!! You will never know if you dont tri.

  • 5 months !!!    thats fecking ages, i couldnt swim and only just got a bike at that stage, youll be OK 

  • sign up**! the fear will motivate you to get in some regular swim training image


    ** i know nothing about the course or the cut off times

  • Cycle Route Pooley Bridge 1 mile 09:40:00 Kirkstone Pass 16 miles 11:00:00 Turn from A6 to Askham 45 miles 13:15:00 Cycle end 56 miles 14:00:00

    Run Route Aid Station 1 5.5.miles 15:45:00 Fusedale Top 8 miles 16:30:00 Aid Station 2 9.5 miles 17:00:00 Finish 13 miles 18:15:00

    Here are the cut of times swim starts at 8.35
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