Advice needed with regards organising a charity fun run

Hi All

I am a teacher in a FE organisation and my students are required to organise an event as one of their projects. I am considering getting them to organise a charity fund run in aid of comic relief.  I have taken part in loads of races, but never organised a run.  Can anyone who has organised a charity event pass on any words of wisdom please. Although they will do most of the organisation, I need to be able to facilitate this and ensure that the event is smoothly run and a success. I am considering getting them to organise it as after school mid week event to encourage families to take part - any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  • Do you have a local running club you can ask for help? I guess the biggest issue would be with running on public roads, so maybe course choice will make a difference?
  • Thanks Black and Tabby.  I  have put out a couple of emails to local clubs in hopes of some support/advice/help.

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