Stour Valley Path 100km ultra 14th September

New ultra event launched for September this year. Qualifier for Spartathlon and course looks great - have lived in the local area most of my life. Should be cracking event.


  • Website is which may help!
  • It also may help if you were upfront with people and stated clearly you were organising it
  • I'm the organiser Lirish, to prevent any confusion.

  • I know you are Matthew, I've seen your post in the ultra community group on fb, it just looks a little odd that a completely new poster who has never posted before just happens to pop along and inform us about a brand new race, handily providing links.
  • Hope you like the look of the website anyway Lirish. It should be a great race through some really beautiful parts of East Anglia. Would be great if you could join us. Cheers

  • I have got my eye on this event. 

    Think it would keep me out of mischief for the day. 


  • Boing.

    This looks like an awesome race and looks like a pretty fast 100k. Hope to be there supporting, a bit too close to the spartathlon for me..

  • Just had confirmation from The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® that the race is worth 2 points towards all their races

  • Looks fun, is navigation likely to be tricky?

  • The footpath is pretty well sign posted all the way round, plus we have provided a gpx file of the whole route on the race website for download. The route is also marked on O.S. maps and we will probably try and mark any parts of the route that might be tricky / confusing. We want to make sure that this is a fast 100km race!

  • Pretty much the answer I was hoping for! Will most likely drop and entry in soon.

  • Nic and I tried to recce the whole route over the weekend, but were cut short after 45 miles when we ran out of pork scratchings and water...oh, and the mud had made it tough going. It should be much better running conditions under foot by September!

    You can read an article about the upcoming race on Ahotu Marathons:

  • Just checked out your website, looks fantastic, I will get the London 2 Brighton out the way first then sign up for this!

  • I am in now. 

    It starts on my sisters doorstep, so I will take that as an invitation to visit. 

  • Hopefully see you there Ben. What is next for you mate?

    Will keep an eye on enties but a little way off the 200 limit yet.

  • Viking Way up next.


  • End of the month? Have fun image
  • Helicopter tour of the route can now be found under
    It looks very flat on the website tour, but if you upload the kmz file into Google Earth and set the elevation exaggeration to 3, you can get a true sense of the hills towards the latter stages of the run. Enjoy!

  • Ran the last 20 miles of the route last Saturday and was kept entertained by a very varied run.  There were one or two challenging hills but pretty villages, churches and a very flat finish past the National Trust's Flatford Mill made it all worthwhile.  Am sure it would be just as pleasant if I had also ran the first 30 miles!

  • A nice Tweet from Chrissie Wellingon (@Chrissiesmiles) who kindly described the forthcoming SVP100 as "A superb pain/pleasure combo!" - hopefully the course will deliver less of the pain and more of the pleasure! I'm sure it would be a very interesting race indeed if Chrissie were taking part. Do you think she would beat the top ultra runners over the 100km route?

  • now chrissie has retired from competitive ironman perhaps she was angling for a free entry matthew !!


    as for winning, obviously it's difficult to compare as using different muscles for each discipline, but if she can run 2:52 for marathon after 112miles cycling (and the swim) it would suggest she has the speed, endurance, stamina and mental strength to do back to back marathons of around the 3-3.15 mark............

    by the way I have entered, look forward to seeing you at the start....and hopefully at the finishimage

  • Perhaps you are right Steve. She would be very welcome if she wanted to race image I'm sure she would give the top men / women some stiff competition.

    Great, look forward to seeing you in September. We will try our very best to help you through the entire course. We would obviously love to see everyone safely cross the finishing line.

  • can anyone with knowledge of the route give me some advice on trailshoes suitable for this race.

    if really muddy I will use my inov8 295's but if we get a summer and the route is firmish I would like to use something else.  in the past I have used roclite 320 (L2B) and have a pair of brooks Cascadia 7 but both are a bit bulky/heavy for my tastes.

    on the road I use asics gel-lyte 33-2 and these suit me fine. i'm thinking of inov8 trailroc 255 or merrell trailglove/mixmaster.  I've tried NBminimus but didn't like the fit and maybe they were TOO minimal.

    any suggestions ?  roclite 315's have been mentioned but i'm hoping for something under 300g




  • You seem to use inov8s. I have run 50 miles in the trailrocs with no problems on dry trail and also on wet trail. Good underfoot protection too.

    I mostly use flites and they rock on dry trail but less underfoot, have used them up to 100 miles, but if you are more used to roclites then look at the roclite 243 or the trailrocs. If you want a bit less shoe then the flites. All will be ok for trail unless its very muddy then the flites will struggle.
  • thanks for advice WiB, will try to find pair of trailrocs to try out, also at marathon expo next week, fancy a pair of those pearl izumi

  • No problem. I am thinking of getting a pair of Perl Izumi trail shoes too. Never tried them before so will see.

  • do you suppose they will make us run like tim olson image

  • I can second the recommendation on the Trailrocs. I have the255's and they are a great distance shoe and very protective.

    I have entered the SVP 100k but am a little concerned about cut-off times. I ran the St Peters Way ultra - about 45 miles - in 10 hours back in February. I see that the 42 mile checkpoint in Stour Valley Path has a cut-off of 8 1/2 hours. Any training tips for increasing my long run speed or a good walk-run strategy that would help me make this cut-off would be very welcome image
  • conwild

    Unless I have calculated things very badly indeed, the SVP 100 is a much flatter faster and more runnable course than the St Peters way ultra. 

    Looking at the helicopter eye view of the SVP 100, you could probably cover the first 50 miles at your city marathon pace plus one hour. 

    If you can tell us a bit more about where you are at now, then we could advise you on how to get your speed up a bit. 

  • I've never run a road mara so not sure what my pace would be. I ran the Stort 30 last October in 5.14. 20 mile training runs are usually around the 4 hour mark. Haven't started on the back to back long runs yet. I am doing the Love Life Love Running Cannock 6 hour Challenge in July, with a target of 35 miles. If I make that target I'll feel a bit more confident.


    Pacing in long races is still an issue for me. Wondering whether a walk run strategy from the start will be best for me?


    Or have I bitten off more than I can chew with this 100k?  

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