Accomadation for2013

Please can anyone help me in finding accomadtion for a minimum of one nights stay in london fairly cheap!!

if not is there anyone from portsmouth know if there is a bus going on the day at a reasonable cost??


thank you


  • You haven't mentioned WHEN?

    If you mean for the London marathon (although you didn't say so), you will need to pick up your number, so you'll need to be in London the day before too.

  • ask your local running clubs at gosport and portsmouth regarding buses........

  • The central London youth hostels are good quality ensuite and private.
  • trust you to know that puffy.i bet you know all the youth hostels gary.
  • you sould change your name to gg mr puffy the puff.
  • mr puffy obviously you like big strong men lovey.x
  • Pompey joggers usually run a coach to the vlm. I think the organiser is Alan marsh (well it was him a few years ago), have a look on the joggers website.
  • if you turn left at tower bridge you'll find yourself in the river thames.i cant be more helpfull then that
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