Pacing webchat with Martin Yelling



  • Gary - Your not going to be able to help counting upwards as there will almost certainly be very prominant mile markers at every single mile.  I would also say, personally, that if at 14 miles, you're already thinking 'only 12.2 to go' then you're in serious trouble.  I broke my last Marathon up into 4 6 mile / 10k (ish) 'blocks', which I had specific targets for (I ran each 10k faster than the previous one).  That leaves you an extra 2 miles that you can cope with when you get there, depending on how you feel!

  • Thanks Charlie.  It's my first marathon and just trying to get the mental bit right.

    Splitting into 4 sounds like a good idea.  I'll give it a go on a training run ; maybe 18 split into 3.

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