Forerunner 110 Goes Haywire...

Evening all

Hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction here, or perhaps had a similar problem which they managed to resolve and could offer advice.

I've had my trusty Garmin Forerunner 110 for two years now, I use it soley for running, on average five times a week (average about 8 hours a week). I don't use it as a 'watch' as such.

Barring the odd very minor problem that has rapidly corrected itself (i.e. pace/distance are all off for the fist Km but catches up by the second), I've never had any problems with it until last week.

The GPS feature itself actually works fine but it basically just goes nuts as soon as you start the timer; by itself it'll load the menu, flick quickly between the actual time and the session time, and randomly bring up the history. The buttons also decide not to function on occasions too.

I've always taken good care of it and have flicked through the 'troubleshooting' nonsense in the manual but to no avail. I've 'reset' the unit as it suggests but still no luck.

I got it from Amazon back in January 2011 so doubt it'll still be covered by the warranty (that's if one even actually came with it), do folk know if Garmin can repair them? Or anywhere else for that matter? Don't fancy splashing out another £100+ to get a new one.....

Cheers guys


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Sounds like damp has got into it.

    Put it in a warm oven for a while (but don't cook it)

  • Airing cupboard, if you've got one, is a great place for slowly drying out electricals.

  • Cheers for the responses guys. Tried drying it out (radiator, airing cupboard, submerged in rice etc) but still no joy. Anyknow know of a contact for Garmin? E.G. one that isn't manned by a compute and which may actually recieve a response?

  • Bedders: Try this number- 08708501242. A couple of years ago my 405 started playing up and someone gave me this number. I told them that I only  used the watch for running and how many miles it had done; how impressed I was etc. It was about one and a half years out of warranty and they still sent me another one, which was actually a refurb but looked brand new. This had a problem after about a week so I contacted them and they sent me a brand new boxed one with the HRM, Ant+, etc which is still fine a couple of years on.

    Wonder if anyone can help me: the wife's thinking of getting a Garmin 110 but doesn't particularly like the women's pink version. Is the mens black and red one the same size as women's?

  • Cheers Mr Boat, googled that number and it led to to loads of Garmin's support info, will be giving them a call on Monday morning.

    Regards the womens forerunner, from what I can gather they are the same size; both the size of the 'unit' itself and the length of the strap. Got my other half one for Christmas (the men's one) and it fits her dainty wrists just fine and she doesnt find the unit to be too chunky or intrusive.

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