Training on crutches!

Just got back into running and was finding my legs and really enjoying it. Now I have got 3 fractures in my foot. Is there any way to maintain fitness whilst on crutches? Got a half marathon in may and a full in July hopefully. Any suggestions gratefully received.


  • Many gyms have cardio machines that workout the upper body only.

    Are you in plaster? Is aqua jogging an option.

    When you can put some pressure on the foot the elliptical trainer would be good.
  • Hi Also-ran, thanks for your suggestions, newly plastered and no weight bearing for a few weeks so will go and explore my local gym for upper body cardio machines. Didn't know such a thing existed looking forward to trying them. image
  • Its basically cycling with your arms - a bit gruesome! I can't remember what they are called - something like a hand ergometer
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