Ankle problems at 4.5 miles

Apologies in advanced if this is a long post.

Have been running for 6 months.
Completed Runners World 5K beginner plan
Ran 6 x 5K Parkruns PB now just under 24mins.
Just started Runners World 10K beginners plan.

My injury problem:
While doing the 5K plan (a month after I started running) I picked up an ankle injury on my right leg. This was near the end of the plan, a 4mile run. I was out for about 5 weeks. Ok I thought, my legs are not fully conditioned yet. I bought some Kinvara 3's to help recover, as they have more cushioning than my NB MT110 trail shoes.

I slowly worked back to fitness and was easily doing 3 - 3.5 mile runs without any problems, nothing, not even tight calves. I did this for around 3 months, along side extra foot strengthing excersies, standing on one leg, heel walking, tip-toe walking and stretches. I should mention that for social shoes I've worn flat shoes for years,  deck shoes, baseball boots and over the last 9 months Vivobarefoot Neo's.

So, feeling good I started the 10K plan last week I managed two 4 mile runs and then I get the same ankle injury, this time in my left leg, though not as bad. Should only be a week off I reckon. I honestly thought my feet were strong!

It could just a bit of bad luck, but the 4 miles is rather frustrating.

Does anybody have anything they could sugest for strengthing my feet?




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