Frustrated here. Bloody snow!! To be fair we've got off lightly compared to other places, but I still can't get outside to run. I've joined a cheap gym for a month or two so I don't stop entirely, but treadmills are so BORING. 

Moan over!


  • Oh Katy I know how you feel! The reason I stopped running the first time, 3 or so years ago was because the weather got too warm. I joined a gym and hated it too, and then stopped.

    Hopefully the snow will soon be gone. We don't have it down here, so I'm very lucky. It's icy through so I am being careful.

    A short break won't hurt. I really think the break is as important as the run.

    I'm hoping that starting my running in the winter means that I will be fit enough to cope with the hot weather when and if it arrives.

    Anyway, keep on keeping on!
  • Why not have a look at the thread about being able to get last Sundays long run in? Most people on that thread, including me, defied the snow and still ran. Lots of tips on how to beat the snow and avoid the treadmill on there.
  • Sussex Runner - Im a Sussex Runner too - and I find (or have in the past) that its the sunny weather that poleaxes me - rather than the snow. We dont have it for long enough in Hastings for it to be a major issue.  And once im out - getting warm isnt a problem.....overheating is though!



  • i found the snow okay when it was fresh, it was okay to run on, but the last 3 days has been solid ice, 

    i made do and run on the road early morning before most traffic is out , but evenings its frozen up again

    our parkrun was cancelled as the ice was so bad today, i had a gentle 45 min jog on gritted areas dodging odd patches, but its not the same

    its started thawing fast so hopefully tomorrow will be better image

    i'm  not sure that am getting great exercise as i have been jogging rather cautiously  


  • Sunday will be fine, it is raining and/or warming up so should be fine. I have been luck in that i stopped for 5 days due to sore knees which has nicely coincided with the snow.

  • Ice is bad, snow is OK. XC shoes are like wearing snow chains, genius.

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