Off Road Transitioning


I've recently transitioned to barefoot/minimalist running over the last couple of years. When cold i run in Vivo Neos with no insole. I've always been a road runner and completed a sub 4 marathon a couple of years ago. I'm up to 8 miles on the road without any issues but off road on trails with mild hilly areas my legs struggle and i start getting mental blocks and stop. i dont try to run at the same pace as the road and would really like to stop the road runnning and move permanently to trails.

i presume i need a strength program (which i have never done before) and to incorporate speed work and hill work?

i currently run 15-20 miles per week over 3 days but with no real structure so would appreciate some advice on how to transition.





  • Phil, I'd just keep getting out on the trails! I use Neo Trail for off-road - much better grip than the normal Neos. Yes, you're going to be slower - accept it. Given you've got something of a mental block abut this, maybe do some hill work on roads, then go out on some gentler trails where you can remind yourself firmly that you've tackled much steeper hills on road.

    I actually found it easier to build up my minimalist mileage on trails than on road (ran NDW50 in the Neo Trails last year).

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